Going To School - Student & Youth Fares on GO Transit

GO Bus

Student life can be pricey! Whether you’re in high school, university, or college, you have expenses like school supplies, your cell phone bill, and your social life. We can help keep your budget in check when you travel with GO Transit. Our Post-Secondary Student or Youth fare discounts save you 40% off the full single adult GO fare (standard fare) with PRESTO! The extensive GO network allows you to travel to school, concerts, sporting events, and more without the stress of difficult parking or high gas prices. You don’t need a car to GO!

Post-Secondary Student Discount

You’re trying to budget for books, college or university tuition, transportation, and a little time out with your friends. A car might sound convenient, but then there’s traffic and the cost of insurance, campus parking passes, and high gas prices. With school service coverage across the GTHA, you don’t need a car to GO to school and our Post-Secondary Student 40% off the full single adult fare discount with PRESTO keeps your commuting costs low. Spend your commuting time studying, napping, texting, or just relaxing with your favourite music or podcast. GO to school for less!

How to get the Post-Secondary Student Discount:

Check out all the schools we serve and learn more about getting a GO Transit Student ID, which buses or trains to take to school, and where to buy tickets and PRESTO cards on campus.

Youth Fare Discount

Elementary school students, high school students, and all youth/teens aged 13-19, regardless of school status, can also save 40% off the full single adult fare with a Youth fare discount with PRESTO. Instead of trying to figure out whose parents can drop off and pick up, use GO Transit to travel affordably with your friends when you’re heading to an event, attraction, or a day out shopping together.

How to get the Youth Discount: