Student & Youth Student ID Requirements

Applications for the next academic year 2022-2023 will be available from August 30, 2022.

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For affordable GO travel to school and everywhere else, you’ll want to set up your PRESTO card for the Post-Secondary Student discount or Youth discount. With the fare discount, you’ll save 40% off the single standard adult GO fare so there’s more room in your budget for books, tuition, and nights out with friends. But first, you’ll need the proper ID to qualify for the fare discount.

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Student ID

The type of ID you need depends on your age and whether you’re going to elementary school, high school, or post-secondary school. Find out which ID you need so that you can start saving 40% off the single standard adult GO fare with PRESTO!

Students attending post-secondary schools full-time will need a GO Transit Student ID to benefit from the discounted fare on GO Transit and UP Express.

Youths (13-19 years old, regardless of school status), do not need a GO Transit Student ID. You must have a valid Canadian school-issued ID or government-issued photo ID when travelling on GO Transit or UP Express. Please visit a PRESTO Customer Service Outlet to set the fare discount on your PRESTO card.

Make sure to always carry applicable identification to show for fare inspection on GO Transit or UP Express services.

Post-Secondary Students

New for 2022-2023

You asked, we listened!

For this new academic year of 2022-2023, a voucher code will be included in an email for all GO Transit Student ID approvals. The voucher code makes it easy to receive the student rate on your PRESTO card for travel on GO Transit trains and buses.


Follow these simple steps below via our PRESTO website to redeem your voucher.

Remember, redeeming your PRESTO voucher is only applicable on our PRESTO website and not our PRESTO Mobile App.

Note: You must wait a minimum of 6 hours to tap your card on any PRESTO device to get the discount.

Are you a full-time post-secondary student as defined by the post-secondary institution where you are enrolled and attending a program? You must have a GO Transit Student ID for the Post-Secondary Student fare.

Which School ID You Can Use

If your school issued student ID meets all the below criteria, then you do not need to apply for the GO Transit Student ID:

  • Be issued by a Canadian college or university, including career colleges registered under the Private Career Colleges Act (excluding online courses, institutions, and ESL programs).
  • Be issued annually.
  • Show an expiry date of the current academic year.
  • Show your full-time status.

If you are a registered, post-secondary full-time student, click here to see if your school is one of the registered post-secondary schools. Please apply online, this is a 2 part application process for an electronic GO Transit student ID.

How to Apply for Student ID from GO Transit

You can apply for a GO Transit student ID online.

Click here to view the legal application details.

Reminder: Prior to October 31, 2022 – if you are:

  • A returning student, you can use last years’ GO Transit Student ID (verify the expiration date of your ID card is still valid).
  • A student aged 19 and under, your school-issued student ID card still acts as a valid student identification.
  • A full-time post-secondary student, please apply for your GO Transit Student ID card online.

Special Exceptions

  • McMaster University: To qualify for the GO Transit post-secondary fare discount you must be enrolled as a full-time student and have the 2022/2023 HSR Bus Pass from your Mosaic account loaded on your PRESTO card. Simply visit any staffed GO Transit Ticket Counter or a participating Customer Service Outlet to set the student rate on the same PRESTO card. Please visit for more information including finding the closest Customer Service Outlets near you. A separate GO issued Student ID is not required. GO Transit will accept this PRESTO card for travel on GO trains/buses. While travelling on GO Transit, students must load money and set the student concession on the card.

What to Do if You Delete Your Electronic Student ID

If you accidentally delete the email that has your electronic GO Transit student ID, contact and we’ll re-send your ID.

What to Do If Your School Isn’t Listed

Are you a full-time student at a post-secondary school that isn’t listed above or doesn’t issue student ID cards that match GO’s guidelines? Get in touch with us by email at