We’re Testing New GO Electric Vehicles!

Published date: December 13, 2021

GO Ebus 520x293 EN.jpg

GO Transit has exciting news! We’re working on creating a greener future by piloting our first ever electric GO buses. Starting in December 2021, these zero-emission vehicles will take to the streets, without passengers for now, to begin testing. Let’s GO greener!

Striving For Environmental Sustainability

As public transit riders, we know that environmental sustainability is important to you. GO Transit is also committed to sustainability and a future for our planet that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our electric-powered bus pilot is part of our exploration of how this technology can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make a positive impact on our environment.

Our Electric Vehicles

Our pilot electric vehicles are two double-decker GO buses. These zero-emission vehicles are not only focused on environmental sustainability. They were also designed with customer safety, convenience, and comfort in mind. The electric buses feature:

  • A quieter ride for passengers without a diesel engine
  • With safety top of mind, a white noise to replicate engine noise will constantly be playing, as well as sounds and messages will play outside to alert pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles when the bus is turning or reversing
  • 9 batteries, giving them a total energy of 648 kilowatt hours
  • USB chargers for passengers to charge their personal devices
  • Access for luggage storage both inside and outside the bus
  • Passenger seatbelts, as part of new legislation

Your safety and comfort is always one of our top priorities!

Our Pilot Electric Bus Project

The pilot period, which launches in December, will be focused on testing the electric vehicles for:

  • Battery performance
  • Safety features

The December pilot phase will test the zero-emission vehicles without customers, but in future phases in 2022, we plan to add these buses to select GO routes and will be evaluated on:

  • Performance in different settings
  • Performance in various weather conditions

Beginning in 2022, our zero emission GO buses will serve customers on select GO bus routes. You might be one of the first passengers!

Once we have the results of the initial testing of the electric vehicles, we’ll decide on potential future implementation. Stay tuned!

Our Sustainable Development Goals

We strongly believe in doing our part to work towards a cleaner, greener future for everyone. We will continue to investigate sustainable energy as electric vehicle technology is still rapidly evolving. As other electric vehicle options become available, we will look into those, as well.

Public Transit Is Always a Green Choice!

While we evaluate the possibility of zero-emission electric vehicles joining the GO fleet, riding our current GO buses is still an environmentally responsible decision that you can feel good about.

Our current fleet of diesel-powered GO buses:

  • Have a proven record of safety and reliability
  • Travel more than 50M km every year, safely moving more than 16M customers to some of the furthest corners of our network.
  • Can travel approximately 800-1100 km before needing to refuel

While we explore environmental sustainability, you can be assured that getting our customers to their destinations safely and on time will continue to be two of our top priorities!

Sustainable Energy is the Future

We’re excited about this first step towards greater environmental sustainability and we’ll share more details when our initial road testing is complete!