GO Weekday Group Passes Are Here!

We have big news for those who like to travel together! Beginning on July 5, 2022, GO Weekday Group Passes will be available as a one-year pilot fare offering!

It’s great to be able to get back to visits with friends and family, and excursions to all the great attractions and dining options that we have in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. But rising fuel prices definitely put a damper on driving, and can limit the number of trips you plan. We don’t want you to miss any of the fun, so we’re offering an easy and affordable way to take an outing with a group!

Buy your Weekday Group Passes now!

You Can GO With a Group

Buy one online pass for your group and everyone can enjoy unlimited, all-day travel together throughout the GO network on a weekday... Are you planning to take advantage of the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit? Hotels are usually less expensive Monday through Thursday, and top attractions tend to be less busy during the week than on the weekend. You can beat the crowds, save some cash, and enjoy easy and convenient travel!

Whether you’re gathering your friends for a day out, or hosting family and taking them around to see the sights, a GO Weekday Group Pass is the perfect way to have a fun and relaxing trip together. 

Weekday Group Pass Pricing Options

We want to make it as convenient and affordable as possible for you and your group to take day trips with GO Transit. We’re offering 4 flat-fare options for our Weekday Group Passes so you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending on travel, no matter how many stops you make along the way. Passes can be purchased from our eticketing platform only.

Weekday Group Pass Options

Getting the best price for your group travel is simple! Just select the number of people in your group for all day unlimited travel:

  • 2 people - $30
  • 3 people - $40
  • 4 people - $50
  • 5 people - $60

Buy your Weekday Group Passes now!

It’s Even Easier to Get There With GO

We’re improving service across the GO network so you have lots of destination options for your group outings!

Weekday GO Service to Niagara Falls

Our weekend round-trip train service to Niagara Falls is fantastic, but you can also take GO to Niagara Falls on weekdays - and enjoy a quieter view of this natural wonder.

Just take the Lakeshore West line to Burlington GO Station and then transfer to GO Bus Route 12 to Niagara Falls!

Evening Trips on Barrie & Stouffville Lines

Evening trips are now running on our Barrie and Stouffville lines, and they both make great choices for a day trip. 

Check out the beautiful waterfront in Barrie or experience the small town charm of Stouffville. Or, if you’re coming from those areas, head into Toronto for a day of big city attractions!

Weekday Trains on Kitchener Line

Weekday trains are running on our Kitchener line and TheMuseum - a different and unique type of attraction - is walking distance from Kitchener GO Station.

Remember that your Weekday Group Pass includes unlimited travel so you can stop off in Brampton, Acton, or Guelph on your trip there or back!

GO Anywhere You Want, For Less

With a GO Weekday Group Pass, you and your group can go anywhere within the GO network for one affordable fare! Now is a great time to get out and experience all that our region has to offer - and bring your family or friends along, too!

Iconic Landmarks

If you have family visiting from far away, you know they’re going to want to see all the iconic landmarks in the Greater Golden Horseshoe! Grab a Weekday Group Pass and take them to:

  • The CN Tower
  • Casa Loma
  • The Distillery District
  • St. Lawrence Market


Hit the amusement parks when the crowds are a little smaller so you and your friends can spend less time waiting in lines! A Weekday Group Pass can take you to:

  • Canada’s Wonderland
  • Centreville
  • The CNE

Sporting Events

Catch an evening game during the week and you and your friends can cheer on the team together! GO can get you to all the sporting venues and your Weekday Group Pass makes it easy to stop off for a celebratory round of drinks after the game.


Since your Weekday Group Pass allows you and your group to make as many stops as you want, you can go somewhere different for dinner on the way home from your day trip. There are lots of fantastic restaurants that you can get to with GO. Enjoy a world-class meal with your friends or family!

Buy your Weekday Group Passes now!

The More, The Merrier

It’s more fun to get out and explore our region with friends and family, so be sure to take advantage of our new GO Weekday Group Passes and start planning your group outing today!