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We turned your GO Jays Signs into our Latest Ads

Published: Sep 6, 2023

It's no secret that Toronto Blue Jays fans are some of the most passionate and dedicated in the world of sports. From the electric atmosphere at the Rogers Centre to the sea of blue and white jerseys that flood the streets of Toronto on game day, the love for the Jays is palpable throughout the city. But what many fans might not realize is that there's another team in town that shares their enthusiasm and has been with them on this exciting journey since the beginning – us, GO Transit. 

Last month, we embarked on an exciting partnership with Toronto Blue Jays fans to create our latest advertising campaign. The goal? To celebrate the deep bond that exists between us and the Toronto Blue Jays. We invited Jays fans to step up to the plate and share their "GO Jays" signs, with the promise that some lucky signs would be featured in the next wave of our ads. Today, these fan-crafted signs are hitting social media and billboards across Toronto, showcasing the incredible synergy between us, GO Transit, and the Jays fan community. 

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For those who have had the pleasure of sharing a GO Transit train or bus with spirited Blue Jays fans, you know that the excitement begins long before you reach the ballpark. These fans arrive fully suited up in jerseys, donning baseball caps and face paint, and proudly waving their handcrafted "GO JAYS" signs. They are caught up in the excitement of cheering on their beloved city's team, and they do it in style. 

However, what many Toronto Blue Jays fans may not realize is that when they proudly wave their "GO JAYS" posters, they're also waving the banner of a longstanding connection between the Jays and us, GO Transit. True fans understand that GO and Jays go together, seamlessly bringing fans from their homes to the home plate. 

GO | How fans ride for the Jays

Our extensive train lines and bus routes converge at Toronto's Union Station daily, ensuring that passengers can reach every major sporting venue in the city with ease. And for those looking to score big on game day savings, including Weekday Group and Weekend Passes available online, we are the real MVP. 

It's not just for Jays fans; all sports aficionados rely on us for a seamless journey into Toronto. Whether you're swinging for Blue Jays' blue, slam-dunking as a Raptors fanatic, icing up with Leafs' blue and white, or scoring goals with TFC, every true fan knows that GO Transit is the way to reach the heart of the action. 

So, whether you're a fan of the Jays or any other Toronto sports team, remember to ride with us and make every trip a winning one. GO Jays GO! Join us in celebrating the deep-rooted connection between GO Transit and Toronto's sports culture. Together, we're taking you from home to home-plate and beyond!