Facilities and Services

  • Accessible Bus Service

    Ways To Pay


    PRESTO Card

    Find out more about PRESTO Card

    Instantly load your PRESTO card or check your balance using the PRESTO app

    Keep forgetting to tap off? Set a GO default trip

    PRESTO Contactless

    Tap-on and tap-off a PRESTO device with your credit card, debit card, or cards in a mobile wallet on your phone or watch


    GO E-Tickets

    Purchase E-Tickets and Passes online and activate on your phone 5 minutes before travel


    GO Paper Tickets

    Purchase paper tickets from a Ticket Vending Machine

    Where to Buy Tickets & Load Your PRESTO Card

    Self-serve Reload Machine

    Load your PRESTO card at a GO station, more info


    On Your Phone

    Purchase E-Tickets and Passes, activate on your phone 5 minutes before travel

    Log into your PRESTO account online or use the PRESTO app to load funds