Many Ways to Pay Using PRESTO


Travel cashless across the Greater Golden Horseshoe with PRESTO, connecting between GO Transit and 9 other local transit agencies. The PRESTO App lets you instantly load funds onto your PRESTO card from wherever, whenever!

We have good news! We’ve also introduced more ways to pay on GO Transit. You can now tap a credit card on and off a PRESTO device to pay your GO adult fare. You can also tap your phone or watch if you have a credit card stored in your mobile wallet. Learn more about PRESTO contactless payment with credit on GO.

What is PRESTO?

PRESTO is an electronic fare payment system that helps make travelling on transit easy and convenient at a discounted fare. The more times you travel in a month, the more you save.

Pay your fare while travelling on the entire GO network and other transit systems by simply tapping on and off with your PRESTO card or a credit card on a PRESTO device. The system automatically calculates your fare for a trip and deducts it from the balance stored on your PRESTO card or charges a fare to your credit card. Note that the tap on and off with a credit card option is currently only available for travel on GO Transit, Burlington Transit, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, HSR, MiWay, Oakville Transit, UP Express, and YRT.

You can set up Autoload to have funds automatically added to your PRESTO card.

Children 12 and under can travel on GO Transit for free and don’t need to tap on with a PRESTO card.

Set a fare type to receive even more discounts! Riders aged 13-19 years old and full-time post-secondary students save 40% off the full adult GO fare and seniors save 55%+ with PRESTO.

PRESTO! We have an app for that.

The official PRESTO App is a simple, easy way to manage and instantly load your PRESTO card on the go. We’ve updated the app to make it even easier and safer to travel across the region! Key features include:

  • Load funds and transit passes in real time
  • Load your PRESTO card with debit/credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or saved payment method
  • Set up and manage Autoload
  • Set and manage your default trip between two GO train stations on your PRESTO card and credit card
  • Manage up to 10 PRESTO cards
  • Check your PRESTO card balances instantly
  • Check when your transfer time expires
  • View transaction history
  • Receive low balance reminders

Download the PRESTO App today, on the App Store or on Google Play.

Use a PRESTO Card

New to PRESTO? Let's get started!

1. Get a PRESTO Card

Easily get a PRESTO card from one of these places:

Please note there’s a $6 cost to buy the card. This charge is collected to cover administrative fees for the cost of the card and for using the system.

*Good things take time – if you purchase a PRESTO card from Shoppers Drug Mart, grocery store or a Transit Agency outlet you’ll need to wait up to 24hrs before setting up a My PRESTO Account or load funds or passes online.

2. Load It

Load money onto your PRESTO card by:

3. Tap On, Tap Off!!

Before boarding the train:

Tap on by touching your card to the PRESTO Fare Payment Device at the station. Be sure to check the screen on the device to confirm that a fare has been deducted from your card. A beep and a green screen with a check mark indicates a successful transaction. If you see a red screen with an X and an explanation of the issue, please see a station attendant prior to taking your trip.

When you arrive:

Tap off by touching your card to the Fare Payment Device as you exit the station.

As you board the bus:

Tap your card on to the PRESTO Fare Payment Device inside the bus near the driver. The machine will validate your card, record the starting point of your trip, and deduct the fare to the next zone on the route.

As you leave the bus:

Tap your card off to the Fare Payment Device as you exit the bus. The PRESTO system will debit or credit your card for the balance of that trip.

Remember to always tap off. If you forget to tap off, you will be charged to the end of the route, as PRESTO will not know where you got off.

Tap On and Off with a Credit Card on GO Transit

You can now pay your GO adult fare with your credit card, including those credit cards on your phone or watch. Just tap your card or mobile wallet on a PRESTO device. Remember to tap off at your destination.

To pay for your fare, you need to tap on and off the same way. If you tap on with your credit card, tap off with the same credit card. If you tap on with your phone or watch, tap off with the same phone or watch using the same card set up in your mobile wallet. This avoids possible duplication of fare payment.

You will also qualify for our GO Loyalty Discount Program when you tap your credit card to pay your fare. To earn these discounts, you’ll need to use the same form of payment for all your trips – you can’t combine payments on a physical credit card and a credit card in a mobile wallet. Click here to learn more.

If you’re a frequent GO Transit rider, you may still benefit from using your PRESTO card as the preferred form of fare payment to receive discounts that are in place for PRESTO card users, such as Youth, Post-Secondary Student and Senior discounts.

Learn more about PRESTO contactless payment here or visit the PRESTO website here.

If you travel between the same two GO Train stations consistently, you can have a default trip set on the credit card you tap on a PRESTO device to pay your fare. A default trip means you only tap on at the beginning of your train trip and you don’t need to tap off at the end of your train trip. Default trips are only for GO Train trips, not for GO Bus trips. Learn how to set a default trip on your card.


Find out how and where you can show your PRESTO card to get discounts on some of Ontario's top attractions, through the PRESTO Perks program.

For more information, visit the PRESTO website.