Customer Committees

Two GO Train passengers on a train comfortably chat with each other across the aisle.

Surveys and Feedback

We’d like to hear from you more often.

We’ll be hosting new surveys every month to learn more about what you think as we continue to find new ways of improving.

Take our April Customer Satisfaction Survey for your chance to win 1 of 5 $50  prizes for your PRESTO card.

How We’re Listening

We’re always looking for ways to improve our services and programs, and it helps us when we hear from you.

You told us:

  • Improving service status information is most important to you
  • You want more information about construction projects, including how they will impact your commute
  • We need to ensure our trains run on time
  • We need to improve the process for making a GO Train Service Guarantee claim

We listened to you; here’s how we improved:

  • We created corridor-specific Twitter handles to make finding trip information easier and quicker
  • We reorganized our construction updates page by corridor to make it easier to find projects and plans by station
  • We improved the GO Train Service Guarantee claim process so that you’ll know right away if a trip is eligible for a refund. The improved system also allows us to process claims faster.

Your opinion matters — we want to hear from you.