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Travel to and from GO in Brampton with SCOOTY

SCOOTY e-Scooter Rentals Are Now Live in Brampton

Travel to and from GO in Brampton with SCOOTY

SCOOTY e-Scooter Rentals Are Now Live in Brampton

SCOOTY e-Scooter Rentals Are Now Live in Brampton

Published: Aug 11, 2023
Travel to and from GO in Brampton with SCOOTY

Starting August 11, 2023, SCOOTY e-Scooters are available at Bramalea GO Station, Brampton Innovation District GO Station and Mount Pleasant GO Station!

There’s a new way for GO riders to get to and from their stations in Brampton! Metrolinx has partnered with SCOOTY, a GTA-based micro mobility company, to offer e-Scooter rentals to GO Transit riders in Brampton. This partnership is part of a pilot program to provide easier access to GO stations, and we’re excited about this new affordable and environmentally-friendly option for our riders.

We’re Working on Connections To and From GO Stations

We recognize that there is a need for increased access to GO stations, without the use of a car. Our partnership with SCOOTY is helping to solve this first and last mile problem. Renting SCOOTY is a fun and affordable way for Brampton riders to get to and from their GO station.

SCOOTY also helps reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution, which is great for everyone!

How Can I Use SCOOTY to Travel To and From My GO Station?

There are designated SCOOTY parking locations throughout Brampton and identifiable on the SCOOTY app. These designated parking areas include Bus Stops, Libraries, Community Centres and Parks.  

If you’re traveling to your GO station, locate a SCOOTY closest to you through the SCOOTY app. Rent a SCOOTY by scanning the QR code located on the SCOOTY and ride it to your GO station. Park the SCOOTY  at the designated parking area at the GO station,lock it to the rack and end your ride before continuing your trip with GO.

When you return to your GO station later, rent another SCOOTY from the designated parking area and ride it to your destination. End your ride by locating a SCOOTY designated parking station nearest to you. You’ve traveled that last mile of your journey without a car!

Check out their website

Currently, the Province of Ontario is carrying out a 5-year pilot of personal and shared e-Scooters.

Each municipality must also approve e-Scooters within their city or town. The City of Brampton has approved e-Scooters for personal use and is the first city in the GTA to approve a public shared e-Scooter program across the city.

SCOOTY rental e-scooters are not permitted to go onboard GO Transit vehicles or enter station buildings/platform areas at any time. These e-scooters will not operate outside of Brampton.

Are SCOOTY e-Scooter Rentals Only in Brampton?

For now, yes — SCOOTY  is only available in Brampton at Mount Pleasant GO Station, Brampton Innovation District GO Station, Bramalea GO Station, and other designated SCOOTY locations around the city.

However, we think e-Scooter rentals are an important first and last mile access solution. We’ll be sure to let you know when other SCOOTY e-Scooter rental locations roll out!

How Do I Rent SCOOTY in Brampton?

Renting SCOOTY in Brampton is easy!

  • Create an account in the app and add your payment details.    
  • Now you’re ready to ride SCOOTY!
  • Scan the QR code on the top of a SCOOTY to unlock it and begin your ride.
  • When you reach your destination, be sure to park SCOOTY  in the  designated parking area (the SCOOTY mobile app can show you all the locations).
  • You’ll need to swipe right to “End Ride” on the app and take a picture showing the SCOOTY correctly parked in a designated location.                     

How Much Does It Cost to Rent SCOOTY in Brampton?

The fee for pay-per-ride is $1.15 to unlock the scooter plus $0.30 per minute. A $3 pre-authorization security deposit will be held at the beginning of your ride.

Your payment will be automatically processed using the payment information provided in your account. You can see your receipt in the SCOOTY app under the “Ride History” menu and a copy of the receipt will be emailed to you.

Riders can purchase a 90 Minute Day Pass for $9.99 (riding for as low as $0.11/min) and Monthly Membership will become available later this year.

What Are The Rules For e-Scooter Rentals in Brampton?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when renting a SCOOTY:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age to ride
  • E-Scooters are not permitted on sidewalks
  • You can ride an e-Scooter within Brampton city limits on roads with posted speeds of less than 50 km/hr, bike lanes, multi-use paths, and major and minor recreational trails
  • Riders under the age of 18 must legally wear a helmet at all times when riding an e-Scooter
  • We recommend that all the riders wear a helmet for safety
  • Riders are not permitted to bring SCOOTYon a GO bus or train — you must “End Trip” and park the SCOOTY  before continuing your journey with GO

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Will a SCOOTY e-Scooter Be YOUR First and Last Mile Solution?

Next time you’re traveling to or from Mount Pleasant GO, Brampton Innovation District GO or Bramalea GO, try renting SCOOTY. It’s a low cost and eco-friendly way to travel — and we think you’ll have fun riding it, too! #GOwithSCOOTY