Connecting with TTC Danforth

Connecting with TTC During a Major GO Train Service Disruption - Downsview Park

Connecting with TTC Danforth

Connecting with TTC During a Major GO Train Service Disruption - Downsview Park

Downsview Park GO Station to TTC Downsview Park Station

Getting you safely to where you need to be is our top priority. If your GO train trip has unexpectedly ended at Downsview Park Station due to a major service disruption, you can continue your journey using TTC from TTC Downsview Park Station without paying extra.

TTC Downsview Park Station

TTC Downsview Park Station is on Line 1 and steps away from Downsview Park GO.

  • It’s about a two minute walk from Downsview Park GO and travel between the stations is barrier-free. The TTC station is accessible and there’s an elevator to the subway level.
  • Walk to the middle of the platform to the stairway and follow the signs to TTC subway.
  • When you get to the station tell the TTC Collector you’re a GO customer and show your PRESTO card or paper ticket; you’ll be able to enter the station without paying an additional TTC fare.
  • You can also get to the TTC Kiss & Ride by going underground at TTC Downsview Park and following the signs to the Passenger Pick Up.

What about PRESTO?

Here’s what you need to do with your PRESTO card before you leave Downsview Park GO:

  • If you don’t have a default trip set on your PRESTO card, tap off at Downsview Park GO and continue on to TTC Downsview Park Station.
  • If you do have a default trip set on your card, do not tap off at Downsview Park GO. Continue on to TTC and don’t tap off at the end of your trip.
  • If you started your trip and tapped your card at Downsview Park GO, press the “correction” button on the PRESTO device and tap your card on the device again to cancel your tap.
  • For other GO trips later in the day, use your PRESTO card as usual.

Travelling with a support person

If you’re travelling with a support person, show a TTC Collector your PRESTO card with the support person sticker or your support person endorsed GO ticket so they’ll be able to travel along with you for free like they usually would on GO.

*During a service disruption, be sure to deselect ’train’ as an option because Triplinx won’t know that a service disruption happened on the GO train.

What's Nearby?

Downsview Park GO is located in a mostly industrial area of Toronto. The closest food and drink options are about 700m away and include California Sandwiches and Coffee Time.

Local taxis

  • Beck Taxi (416) 751-5555
  • Co-op Cabs (416) 504-2667
  • Diamond Taxi (416) 366-6868