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Long Branch GO Station Improvement

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Long Branch GO Station Improvement

We're Transforming Your Station!

We’re transforming your station! Major improvements are coming to Long Branch GO Station. We're updating amenities, enhancing accessibility, and creating more connections.

Long Branch station rendering

Pictured: Future GO station rendering

What's Changing

 Investigative drilling June 22 & July 8

On Saturday June 22 and Monday July 8, contractors will conduct investigative drilling in the parking lot. Saturday June 22:

  • Two sections of the west parking area will be blocked off for the day (see map).
  • The investigation activities are apart of City of Toronto improvements of sewer and waste water pipes under the parking lot.

Monday, July 8:

  • Three parking spaces in the north section of the parking lot will be blocked off starting at 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. Tuesday, July 9. (see map)
  • The investigation activities will inform future station improvement works.

New Multi-Use Pathway

The north platform staircase on Edgeware Drive is closed and the multi-use pathway has opened. 

Here is what you need to know:

  • Pedestrian access to the station from the north will be via a temporary access route which will connect you to the north platform and tunnel at the west end of the station.
  • This change will be in place for approximately 1 year as we demolish the east platform to start work on the east tunnel, platform rehabilitation, and east station building.

What to expect at your station:

  • Half of the platform is closed for construction and not all train doors will open at Long Branch GO.
  • When you’re at the station, please follow the signs and pathway to the train platforms. Board one of the available coaches and once you’re on the train, you may move through the coaches to your preferred location.
  • When you’re travelling to Long Branch GO, ensure you are sitting in a coach that will open at your station. Use one of the five coaches closest to the locomotive (see graphic).
  • If you are boarding the train at Union Station, use one of the coaches east of the accessibility platform (towards Bay Street) to ensure you’ll be able to exit the train at Long Branch GO. Please listen for announcements while you’re boarding at Union Station.
  • The Customer Service Ambassadors (CSAs) on your train will make announcements as the train approaches Long Branch GO, advising which coaches will open at the station. Please listen carefully to these announcements!
  • If you are sitting on a coach that will not open its doors at Long Branch GO, please follow the CSA’s direction and move through the train to a coach that will open.
  • If your coach does not open its doors at the station, you will need to ride the train to the next station stop, where you can exit and then make your way back to Long Branch GO.

Please plan ahead:

  • The east and southwest areas of the parking lot are closed.
  • Arriving to the station by vehicle: Only the middle driveway at Exmoor Drive will be available to enter and exit the station and parking lot.
  • The south pedestrian access point at Lake Shore Blvd. W. is closed. Please use the new sidewalk on Brow Drive to access the station.
  • There are no carpool parking spots available.
  • Parking at the station is very limited. Please plan ahead and consider alternative ways of getting to the station such as getting dropped off, using local transit, and bicycling or walking if possible.

Please follow directional signs and use caution around construction areas.

Thank you for your patience while we transform your station.

How You Will Benefit

We will be making upgrades to serve you better and get you where you need to go. We plan to make it easier for you to access your station and prepare it for more frequent train service.

Here’s what we have planned:

  • A new west entrance building
  • A new west tunnel with elevators and stairs to the platforms
  • New east pedestrian access tunnel with elevators and stairs to the platform
  • New east entrance building with washrooms and waiting area
  • Modification to existing stair access from Edgeware Drive with new canopy cover and connection to new north platform canopy
  • Revisions to the parking lot, including pedestrian walkways, a Kiss & Ride, bike lanes and bike shelters
  • New secure bike storage room
  • Rehabilitated platforms with snow-melting system and heated shelters
  • Track work that will enable future electrification of trains

Updated June 18, 2024 | Renderings are subject to change