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Union Station Transformation

Union Station

A better experience at the centre of our network

A new Union Station is coming.

A station that is more accessible and easier to navigate with wider platforms and less crowding. Union Station is the gateway to the region and is undergoing modernization while preserving heritage features to meet transit needs now, and in the future. All this to expand capacity and run more trains through the largest transit hub in the GO rail system and bring frequent, all-day, transit on core segments of the network.

This is the Union Station of tomorrow. The heart of the GO network, connecting Toronto to every part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe. And it’s happening right now.

Glass bridge connecting customers to new bus terminal installed

We're Transforming Union Station

Construction Updates

Improvements to Union Station are being completed in phases. Here’s what we have planned and the impacts at the station.

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Station Access

Transit Wayfinding tools; signage, maps, and other information to help you navigate the station.

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With this expansion, GO will better serve the thousands of passengers who move through Union Station each day.

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