Dealing with a Fine

Proof of Payment and Fare Inspections

GO Transit uses an honour-based proof of fare payment system. Before you board a GO train or bus, you must buy a ticket or tap your PRESTO card.
Revenue Protection Officers and Transit Safety Officers (Special Constables) conduct fare inspections on the GO system and there is zero-tolerance for fare evasion. Anyone who is unable to provide a valid ticket will be issued one of the following tickets (the type of ticket will be dependent upon the circumstances):

  • Notice of Violation;
  • Provincial Offence Notice;
  • Provincial Offence Summons; or a
  • Criminal charge for fraud transportation.

Did You Get a Fine?

Did you get a Notice of Violation or a Parking Infraction Notice?  Here’s what you need to know. 

If you were issued a Provincial Offence Notice or summons, see the reverse side of that ticket or summons for your options.

If you were issued a Notice of Violation or a Parking Infraction Notice, select the type of fine you received below for more information.

Parking Infraction Notice

Notice of Violation