Dealing with a Fine

Proof of Payment and Fare Inspections

GO Transit uses an honour-based proof of fare payment system. Before you board a GO train, you must buy a ticket or tap your PRESTO card.

Revenue Protection Officers or Transit Safety Officers (Special Constables) routinely inspect fares on GO trains, and there is a zero-tolerance policy for fare evasion. If you’re unable to provide proof of fare payment, you’ll be issued one of the following depending on the circumstance:

  • Notice of Violation;
  • Provincial Offence Notice;
  • Provincial Offence Summons; or a
  • Criminal charge for fraud transportation.

Did You Get a Fine?

Did you get a Notice of Violation or a Parking Infraction Notice?  Here’s what you need to know. 

Paying the Fine

You can pay the fine: 

  • Online

Pay online with your Visa or MasterCard (debit cards are not accepted online). Online transactions may take up to two business days to process, so ensure you have enough time to pay your fine by the due date.

  • In person

You can pay in person at Union Station, Monday to Friday (except holidays), 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at:  

GO Transit Compliance Services Office
Union Station – York Concourse (beside the Lost and Found office)
35 York Street, Toronto, Ontario

  • By mail

Be sure to write the number of the fine notice on the front of your cheque or money order, and make it payable to GO Transit. We don’t accept postdated cheques. Please don’t send cash by mail.

Mail your payment and the original fine notice to:

GO Transit Compliance Services
277 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2X4

Please allow enough time for your payment to arrive before the due date. We’ll return late payments and charge an administrative fee for dishonoured cheques.

Disputing a Fine

You may dispute a fine by requesting an administrative review with GO Transit within 15 days of receiving a Notice of Violation or a Parking Infraction Notice.

Request an online administrative review.

Contact us for other ways to request an administrative review or for more information.

If the matter isn’t resolved through the administrative review, you can pay the fine, or request an administrative hearing for Notices of Violations or a trial for Parking Infraction Notices.

Administrative Hearing

You can also choose to have your matter heard before an impartial adjudicator appointed by the Metrolinx Board of Directors.

During the hearing, both you and a representative from GO will present the respective positions to the qualified adjudicator who will give both sides an opportunity to be heard. Once the facts have been presented, the adjudicator will make the final decision.

The administrative hearing process is governed by the Statutory Powers Procedure Act and exists to give an impartial, simple, and efficient method of resolving fine disputes.

Download the Administrative Hearings Rules of Practice for your reference.

GO Parking Infraction Notice: Request for Trial

If you wish to contest the Parking Infraction Notice and request a trial, follow the instructions on the back of the notice.

Failure to Pay Your Fine

Notice of Violation: Non-Payment Notice

If you don’t pay your fine or request an administrative review for your Notice of Violation within 15 days, you’ll receive a non-payment notice by mail.  

Failure to pay will result in you being liable for additional costs and may also include being:

  • Referred to a collection agency
  • Reported to a credit bureau
  • Issued court proceedings

Parking Infraction: Notice of Impending Conviction

If you don’t pay your fine or request a trial for your Parking Infraction within 15 days, the owner or operator of the vehicle will receive a Notice of Impending Conviction by mail.  The owner or operator must pay the set fine as indicated on the notice or request a trial by the due date—or a conviction will be registered without further notice and the defendant will be liable for additional court costs.

Defaulted Parking Fines

If you haven’t taken any action to address your parking fine, a court conviction will be registered and forwarded to the Ministry of Transportation for further action. Once at this stage, it can only be paid at the Ontario Court of Justice in the jurisdiction where the infraction occurred.

A $20 enforcement fee will be added to the existing fine. You must pay both the fee and fine to the Ministry of Transportation to receive your licence plate sticker for the following year or to purchase new licence plates.

Contact Us

General inquiries about Parking Infractions Notices or Notice of Violations can be made:

In person:

GO Transit Compliance Services
Union Station, York Concourse (beside the Lost and Found office)
35 York Street
Toronto, ON  M5J 0C7
Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

By phone: 416-202-4000

By email: Select the type of ticket you received below:

Parking Infraction

Notice of Violation