Free Entertainment and Wi-Fi on the GO

GO Plus

You’re in for a great ride when you get on board and online with the new GO Wi-Fi Plus – the all-in-one free GO Transit Wi-Fi connection and onboard entertainment portal exclusively for our riders.

When onboard, visit our free entertainment portal to access TV shows, music, courses, and more without even needing to sign in. You can also access free Wi-Fi by either signing on with your registered PRESTO account email and password, or a standard email address. Signing-in with either a PRESTO registered email account or a standard email address will give you 200MB of free data. Now, you can work on the go, catch up with friends or just relax and browse content online.

On the “Plus” side, you’ll have access to an extensive entertainment portal with exciting popular TV shows, great music and tons more amazing content.

GO Wi-Fi Plus is available on every GO bus and GO train, sit back, relax, browse our free content or sign in to Wi-Fi and enjoy the ride.

Watch, Listen and Read Great Content on the GO

GO Plus Wi-Fi portal screen on smart device

When you connect to GO Wi-Fi Plus, you open the door to our amazing and extensive free onboard entertainment portal. Enjoying your favourite content will be a breeze.

There are tons of channels on our watch list with top TV dramas and comedies, news, documentaries, music videos and more. Catch your favourites or find new ones on the go!

If you just want to listen up, sit back, and relax, then check out the large audio content collection with free music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Or, catch up on your reading with our free e-book library. There’s everything from fiction, non-fiction, how-to, autobiography, and many more genres.

How do I connect to GO Wi-Fi Plus?

It’s easy to connect to the GO Wi-Fi network onboard GO trains and GO buses with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

GO Wi-Fi Plus is incompatible with some VPN software including Apple iCloud Private Relay.

If you wish to use GO Wi-Fi Plus, you will need to disable your VPN or Private Relay software.

  • Once you are on a GO train or bus, go to your Wi-Fi settings on your device and select the GO Plus Wi-Fi network.
  • Using an Android device or laptop? Open your browser and enter (iOS devices and Android 11 and above will redirect automatically).
  • Once there, you will need to agree to the GO Wi-Fi Plus Terms and Conditions
  • Then click CONTINUE to take advantage of the free entertainment portal.
  • You can navigate the content through various tools: 
    • Watch/Listen/Read
    • Time of Your Ride
    • Featured on the GO
    • Genres

    To connect to the free limited Wi-Fi:

    • Click the Web Icon on top of the screen.
    • Choose to sign in with your registered PRESTO account email or your standard email.
    • Enter your details, select your preferences and the required fields.
    • Once connected, you will have 200MB of internet access, great for emails, messaging, and social media.
    • Don't forget, turning off background apps will assist in reducing data use.
    • For the best results always ensure that your device has the most current operating system.

    And you’re all set!

    GO Wi-Fi Plus is only available on GO trains and buses and not on station platforms, Union Station or from your work or home. A separate Wi-Fi network is available at most GO Stations.

    Troubleshooting GO Wi-Fi Plus

    Man looking at Wi-Fi portal on his device while travelling with GO Transit

    If, for some reason, you can’t connect to GO Wi-Fi Plus, visit our FAQ page for detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot connection issues.

    Sign up for a PRESTO account here.

    Or, if you need further assistance, reach out to GO/UP Contact Centre at 416-869-3200 Toronto (local calling area) or 1-888-GET-ON-GO (438-6646) toll-free.

    Bringing complimentary internet connectivity and an amazing content portal to you through GO Wi-Fi Plus is part of our commitment to enhance your commute whenever you ride with us.

    Get all the answers to your GO Wi-Fi Plus questions on our FAQ page.