Wi-Fi on the GO


Providing internet connectivity across our system is a key priority we continue to explore. Most GO stations are equipped with Wi-Fi, with GO trains and buses coming around the corner.

Union Station

Union-TD Wi-Fi is a free, public service presented by TD Bank Group that's available in the GO York Concourse of Toronto’s Union Station. The Wi-Fi service is provided by BAI Canada.

Check @torontounion on Twitter for updates on the Wi-Fi service offering.

GO Stations and Bus Terminals

Free Wi-Fi is available at most GO stations and bus terminals, presented by IMA Outdoor/Pattison.

Wi-Fi coverage extends over platforms, interior station waiting areas, transit shelter and parking lots at 55 locations and growing.

To find out if your station or stop has Wi-Fi, check here on the station page.

UP Express

To ensure a smooth connected passenger experience Cisco provides free, seamless and uninterrupted internet access across multiple networks through a one of a kind WiFi experience. Your connected experience begins at the station where you connect to the UP network to enable general internet access and key transit services/updates. To learn more about Cisco, a proud technology partner of Union Pearson Express (UP), click here.

On-board GO Trains and Buses

Metrolinx has signed an agreement with Icomera, a part of the ENGIE group and a global leader in providing wireless Internet connectivity for public transit, to connect all GO buses and trains to Wi-Fi.

Icomera, which works with passenger transport companies in the U.S. and Europe, will help set the stage for connecting while on the GO. Wi-Fi is a top desired amenity among customers, and Metrolinx has gone through an extensive evaluation process to ensure the right company was brought in to create the sophisticated network needed to stretch across GO’s large Greater Golden Horseshoe system.

Work has begun to put the necessary infrastructure and equipment in place to accommodate Wi-Fi on GO’s fleet without disrupting the daily service customers rely on. Getting Wi-Fi implemented on all train coaches is a complex undertaking. As well, the transportation network they run on is expansive and covers a wide urban and rural geographic area.

To learn more about how we’re preparing for free Wi-Fi, check out this article.