Your Account & Loading Your Card

Customer holding a PRESTO card in their hand.

Knowing how to manage your account and load money onto your card makes paying with PRESTO easier and faster.


Benefits of a My PRESTO Account

Create a My PRESTO Account to get these benefits:

*Good things take time – if you purchase a PRESTO card from Shoppers Drug Mart or a Transit Agency outlet you’ll need to wait up to 24hrs before setting up a My PRESTO Account or load funds or passes online.



The Autoload feature reloads your PRESTO card automatically when your balance drops below a dollar amount which you choose.

How to Set up Autoload

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your online account and set up Autoload by using a credit or debit card.
  3. Activate Autoload by taking a regular trip with your PRESTO card, or by tapping your card to a Balance Checker machine. Remember to activate your card 24 hours after setting up Autoload and within 30 days.


Online Loads Take up to 24 Hours

Remember that online loads may take up to 24 hours to process. That’s because the information needs to get transmitted to all of the PRESTO machines, and there’s 8,000 of them across the region.

After loading online, you must activate the load on your card. Wait 24 hours and then tap on a Fare Payment machine or Balance Checker machine within 30 days.

To load your PRESTO card instantly, set up Autoload to have funds automatically added to your card, or use the PRESTO app on an iPhone or Android device.

How GO Fares Work with PRESTO

GO Transit fares are calculated based on the distance travelled. When you tap on at the start of your trip on GO Transit, an initial fare of $4.40 will be charged to your card.

When you reach your destination and tap off on the GO bus or at the GO train station, PRESTO will calculate the total fare for your trip and apply the loyalty discount and the discounts for seniors and students if applicable.

If your total fare is less than $4.40, the difference will be refunded to your card when you tap off. If the total fare for your trip is more than $4.40, the rest of your fare will be charged to your card. You need to make sure that you have enough funds on your PRESTO card when you tap off to cover the total cost of your trip.

If your card has been added to a My PRESTO Account, you can go into a negative balance to pay for one trip as long as you have at least $4.40 on your card to pay the initial fare.

Always remember to tap off at the end of your trip to ensure you’re charged the correct fare. If you forget to tap off, you could be charged a higher fare which will be deducted from your card balance when you tap on for your next GO trip.

If you are taking a trip for which you have a Default Trip set on your card, the entire fare will be charged to your card when you tap on.


Card Balance

To save even more time, set a default trip. To learn how, click here.