Biking and GO Transit

Photo of a customer disembarking from a GO Train onto the platform with a bike.

Riding your bike is another convenient way to get to GO stops and stations! Bike storage, bike parking and reserved bicycle parking options are available at select stations.

Bringing Your Bike on GO Trains and Buses

All GO buses can carry up to two bicycles. You can also bring your bike aboard GO trains, with the exception of morning and evening rush hours on trains that are typically busy during these times. You may bring your bike aboard a GO train or bus during peak hours if you are travelling in the opposite direction of a rush. Foldable bikes (that are folded up) are allowed on all GO trains and buses.

You may not bring bikes on GO trains arriving at Union Station between 6:30am to 9:30am, or on trains leaving Union Station between 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

Prior to loading your bike on a GO Bus bike rack, please ensure that all loose items (such as bags, bottles, saddles, etc.) are removed and brought with you onboard or stowed away safely in the luggage compartment.

Please see our FAQ page for additional information.

E-bikes on GO Transit

We welcome e-bikes on our GO Transit system. To ensure your safety and the safety of other customers and staff, here’s what you need to know before traveling with us:

  • Only traditional bicycle-style e-bikes are allowed onboard GO trains and buses (pedal-driven with exposed fork-and-frame appearance).
  • E-bikes that resemble mopeds, motor scooters, or motorcycles are not permitted onboard trains or buses, on platforms, or in tunnels.

When traveling by GO train:

  • Like regular bicycles, you cannot bring your e-bike onto trains arriving at Union Station between 6:30 and 9:30 a.m. or on trains leaving Union Station between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
  • Look for bicycle decals to show you where to board. Staff will not be able to assist you with bringing your e-bike onto the train
  • Please stay with your e-bike while onboard. Keep your e-bike out of the aisles to ensure other customers can move freely and safely through the train
  • The accessibility coach is prioritized for customers with disabilities
  • During the warmer months, seasonal bike coaches are available on some trips. Your e-bike can be left in this coach during your trip if it can be securely attached to the fixtures in the bike coach. However, please do not use outlets on trains to charge your e-bike or e-scooter.

When traveling by GO bus:

  • Please secure your e-bike to the bicycle rack on the front of the bus. Only e-bikes with a maximum weight of 25kg can be carried in the bicycle rack
  • Only e-bikes that can be folded can be brought on-board GO buses, and only on double-decker buses
  • If you have questions about how to travel with an e-bike if your bus’s bicycle rack is full, please speak to your driver.

At GO stations:

  • Please do not ride your e-bike while on platforms, in tunnels, or in station buildings, either with electric power-assist or with pedals
  • You may park your e-bike anywhere bicycles can be parked, however, you cannot plug them into station receptacles for charging
  • E-bikes that resemble mopeds, motor scooters, or motorcycles can be used to travel to and from our stations but must be parked in motorcycle or regular vehicle parking spots and cannot be brought onboard our trains.

E-scooters are permitted on the GO Transit system, including onboard buses if they can be folded and placed safely under a seat. However, customers must follow all provincial and local laws when traveling with us. None of this information is intended to override any provincial or local law or bylaws. Customers are encouraged to check local laws before planning their trip.