Biking on GO Transit with bike coach Gen Z bicycle platform station

Biking and GO Transit

Biking on GO Transit with bike coach Gen Z bicycle platform station

Biking and GO Transit

Riding your bike is another convenient way to get to GO stops and stations! Bike storage, bike parking and reserved bicycle parking options are available at select stations.

We encourage active transportation as a healthy, sustainable way to connect you with our services. Bicycles and e-bikes are welcome at GO stations and onboard GO Transit vehicles; however, they are subject to some restrictions outlined in our bike policy. Non-compliance with the policy may result in a ticket or other enforcement action under the Provincial Offences Act.


We’re updating our bike policy on April 9

We have seen increased demand for customers with bikes and e-bikes on our services and have updated our bike policy to make sure everyone can get to where they need to go safely. Enforcement of the updated policy begins April 9.

The main changes are about e-bike batteries, bike and e-bike weight limits as well as how customers travel with e-bikes on GO buses.

Special rules for e-bikes on GO Transit

We welcome e-bikes on our GO services. However, to ensure our trains, buses and stations are safe for everyone, customers travelling with e-bikes must comply with the following:

  • All e-bike batteries must meet standard UL or CE requirements.
  • E-bike batteries cannot be charged on GO Transit property.
  • E-bikes can be a maximum of 55kg on GO trains or 25kg (with battery removed) on GO buses.
  • E-bikes that resemble mopeds, motor scooters or motorcycles are not permitted onboard trains or buses, on platforms or in tunnels.
  • E-bikes cannot have physical damage, corrosion of the battery case or damage to warranty seals. We recommend you inspect your e-bike regularly and ensure your e-bike battery is regularly maintained.

GO Transit staff will inspect all e-bikes and attach tamper-proof seals to those that meet our new safety requirements to help make boarding our vehicles more efficient. Bikes without seals or with out-of-date seals will be inspected prior to boarding.

GO reserves the right to remove any e-bike from its service where staff have determined the battery is unsafe.

What the bike policy means on GO trains

Bikes and e-bikes are not allowed onboard:

  • Weekday trains arriving at Union Station between 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
  • Weekday trains departing Union Station between 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

When travelling with a bike or e-bike on all other trains:

  • You must stay with your bike or e-bike at all times and do not lock it to any part of the train. Do not block doorways, stairwells or aisles.
  • A maximum of two bikes can be stored in each of the designated bicycle zones onboard.
  • Please board at doors marked with a green bicycle sticker – this indicates a designated bicycle zone.
  • If the designated bicycle zones onboard a coach are full, you must board a different coach or wait for the next train.
  • Bikes cannot be stored on accessible coaches, except for customers with disabilities who have requested and received approval from GO Transit for individual accommodation.
  • Where available, designated bike coaches should be used.

What the bike policy means on GO buses

  • All bikes and e-bikes must be stored on the bike rack, located on the front of bus. There is space for a maximum of two bikes.
  • You must remove e-bike batteries and bring them with you on board.
  • The bike racks support a maximum weight of 25kg. If your bicycle is heavier than this, it cannot be safely accommodated.
  • Prior to loading your bike on a GO bus bike rack, please ensure that all loose items (such as bags, bottles, etc.) are removed and brought with you onboard or stowed away safely in the luggage compartment.
  • The bus driver cannot assist you with loading/unloading your bicycle.
  • Foldable bikes allowed onboard GO buses when folded and do not need to be stored in the bike rack.

What the bike policy means at GO stations

  • You may park your e-bike anywhere bicycles can be parked, but you cannot plug them into station outlets for charging.
  • Never ride your bike or e-bike inside stations or on platforms.
  • E-bikes that resemble mopeds, motor scooters or motorcycles can be used to travel to and from our stations but must be parked in motorcycle or regular vehicle parking spots.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in fines up to $360. Customers may also be denied boarding their train or bus.

Read our full bike policy

None of this information is intended to override any provincial or local law or bylaws. We encourage you to check local laws before planning your trip.

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