Take GO to See the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Niagara Falls

Published: Mar 22, 2024

Updated: Apr 3, 2024

It’s the Solar Event of the Century — literally!

On Monday April 8, a total solar eclipse will be visible in southern Ontario. The last total solar eclipse in this area occurred in 1925, and the next total solar eclipse to be visible here won’t occur until 2144, so make sure you have a front-row seat for this one!

Guess what?! Niagara Falls is positioned directly in the “path of totality” and can be reached using GO Transit, making it easy for everyone to get a great view of this historic event. The “path of totality” refers to where you can see the moon fully cover the sun, creating a period of darkness that will last nearly four minutes.

The view from Niagara Falls will be particularly spectacular (the rainbow over the Falls will appear pink during the event, assuming the weather is right!), and Niagara Parks is organizing special programming at three attraction sites so you can learn all about the total solar eclipse.

It’s sure to be a popular destination, but you don’t need to worry about dealing with traffic to get there.

GO Transit will be modifying the regular daily service to Niagara Falls to help you get the best view of the 2024 solar eclipse without the stress of driving!

Adjusted GO Transit Service to Niagara Falls to experience the Total Solar Eclipse!

On Monday, April 8, there will be special event service to and from Niagara Falls on the Lakeshore West line to help get you to and from the solar eclipse celebrations. 

  • We’re excited to be able to offer more GO train service on the Lakeshore West line, in collaboration with our partners, Alstom and CN.  
  • Trips from Union Station to Niagara Falls will depart at 9:02 a.m., 10:02 a.m. and 11:02 a.m. 
  • Return trips from Niagara Falls to Union Station will depart at 4:24 p.m., 4:54 p.m., 7:21 p.m. and 10:51 p.m. 
  • All trains to and from Niagara Falls will be 12 cars long to provide as much room onboard as possible. 
  • With these schedule adjustments to provide enhanced service to and from the Niagara Region, be sure to check your schedules before you travel.  

Your safety is our priority. Please plan ahead and take precautions when viewing the solar eclipse.  

  • Ensure you have proper eye protection to safely view the solar eclipse. Find out more here:  
  • With large crowds expected, be aware of your surroundings, follow directions and monitor updates during your travels. 
  • We will have additional staff at various locations to assist you with wayfinding. 

GO/WEGO Combo Tickets

Your travel to, from, and around Niagara Falls is so easy when you use convenient travel packages with GO Transit and Niagara Parks WEGO local bus service in Niagara Falls!

GO/WEGO Combo Tickets give you round-trip GO travel from Union Station in Toronto and any other stations along the Lakeshore West line to Niagara Falls plus unlimited Niagara Falls WEGO bus service. You can choose a one-day or two-day GO/WEGO travel package!

And, remember — kids 12 and under travel free on GO Transit!

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What is a Solar Eclipse?

A total solar eclipse, like the one occurring on April 8, happens when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. When seen from the path of totality, the moon will completely cover the face of the sun. The sky will turn dark and the outer atmosphere of the sun (the corona) will be visible. Ordinarily, we can’t see the corona due to the brightness of the sun’s face. 

Be sure to check out the Niagara Parks special programming to learn more about solar events from the experts!

Where is the Best Spot to See the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse?

Niagara Falls is directly in the path of totality — meaning that you will see the full solar eclipse, rather than just a partial eclipse. As a unique bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to see the sunny-day rainbow that hovers above the falls become pink during the eclipse!

For prime viewing of this once-in-a-lifetime event, we suggest these spots:

  • Niagara River Parkway
  • Table Rock Centre (and you can explore interactive activities!)
  • Skylon Tower
  • Niagara SkyWheel

Find your way around Niagara Falls with the Niagara Falls Destination Map. And for more details on experiencing the eclipse in Niagara Falls and more, visit the Niagara Falls Tourism website to explore all about the Solar Eclipse!

What Time is the Solar Eclipse 2024?

The moon will begin to cover the sun at 2:04 pm, and full totality (when the Earth, moon and sun are completely aligned) will occur at 3:18 pm.

The complete alignment will last for almost four minutes in the City of Niagara Falls, when the sky will darken to near night-like conditions. The moon will then begin moving past the sun, and the eclipse will be complete at 4:31 pm.

Special Events & Programming around Niagara Falls


The main event is taking place on Monday April 8,  and Niagara Parks has special programming throughout the weekend, beginning on Friday April 5, and including the day of the total solar eclipse. Visit all three major attractions for a full weekend of fun, learning, and astronomical excitement!

If you are arriving at Niagara Falls GO Station on April 8th, stop by Fleets Coffee mobile café in the parking lot from 11 am – 8 pm to order your artisanal hot and cold beverage. Cash, debit, and credit are accepted. We encourage you to pre-order via Fleets app (through Apple or Google Pay) for menu updates.

And, to cap it off, on the day of the eclipse, you can enjoy a free concert at Queen Victoria Park presented by Niagara Falls Tourism.

Solar Eclipse Concert

Don't miss the Solar Eclipse Concert at Niagara Falls! Enjoy free live music after the eclipse, from 2:30 pm – 10:00 pm, adding to the celestial spectacle.

The full lineup includes performances by: The Glorious Sons, JJ Wilde, New Friends, The Boneheads & a special performance from the Niagara Symphony Orchestra.

Learn more and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Astronomy in Action at the Niagara Parks Power Station

There’s tons of interactive planetary fun & learning with Astronomy in Action at the Niagara Parks Power Station from Friday April 5 - Monday April 8.

Find out all about the solar system and the significance of the solar eclipse through discussions with educators and their mobile planetarium!

You can also attend sessions to hear from NASA and CSA scientists, and to learn about astronomy and the eclipse from an Indigenous perspective. Online registration is required. 

Mad Science for Kids at Table Rock Centre

The Table Rock Centre is one of the best spots for viewing the total solar eclipse, and it’s the perfect place to bring the family!

Kids can enjoy free interactive workshops and activities, provided by Mad Science. It’s a great way for kids to learn about the solar eclipse in a fun and hands-on way!

Mad Science FunStations and Exploration Stations will be available Saturday April 6 - Monday April 8. Perfect for your weekend stay in Niagara Falls! 

STEM with SciXchange at the Butterfly Conservatory

For more hands-on activities, head to the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory, where the Toronto Metropolitan University is bringing their award-winning SciXchange program to share STEM learning with families from Saturday April 6 - Monday April 8.

On Monday April 8, an astronomer from Toronto Metropolitan University will be at the Butterfly Conservatory to talk about the significance of the solar eclipse. Learn all about this astronomical event from an expert!

How to Safely View the Total Solar Eclipse

Your safety is always our top priority, so we want to remind everyone to use specialized eye protection designed for solar viewing when watching the solar eclipse. These are different from regular sunglasses!

Looking directly at the sun during an eclipse without proper protection can cause permanent damage to your eyes — including partial or even full loss of vision. Using designated eclipse viewing glasses is absolutely essential!

Where Can I Get Eclipse Glasses?

In Niagara Falls:

Niagara Parks will be distributing free eclipse glasses, on a first-come, first-served basis, at their programming sites on Monday April 8. Supplies are limited.

  • Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls shops have Solar Eclipse Glasses on sale now while quantities last.
  • Niagara City Cruises, Niagara Falls will have Solar Eclipse Glasses for sale on the event day
  • Niagara Falls Tourism is providing Hotels with Solar Eclipse Glasses to any visitor staying overnight.

In Toronto: 

Astronomers from the University of Toronto are hosting dozens of free workshops at Toronto Public Library locations. A limited number of eclipse glasses will be available for workshops attendees to take home.

In Hamilton & surrounding areas:

Free eclipse glasses can be picked up at public library locations, courtesy of McMaster University. This includes Hamilton public libraries, Haldimand public libraries, McMaster University libraries, Burlington public libraries, Six Nations Public Library, Brantford public libraries, and Norfolk public libraries. Supplies are limited.

Plan Your Trip to See the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Niagara Falls

Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, expect there to be crowds in Niagara Falls. Luckily you don’t need to worry about finding parking when you use GO+WEGO for your travel!

With large crowds expected, space will be limited. Your courtesy and consideration are appreciated to ensure a comfortable and safe ride for everyone.

  • Please leave your bicycle or e-bike at home. There will be no dedicated bike coaches on our special, additional Niagara Falls trains.
  • If possible, please leave your stroller at home or use a foldable stroller that can be easily stowed.

You’ll also want to make dining reservations in advance! Check out our recommended Niagara Falls restaurants for suggestions.

Whether you plan your trip for the whole weekend, or just for the day of the big event, Niagara Falls is the place to GO to witness the wonder and experience the awe of the 2024 total solar eclipse!

Learn more about the Solar Eclipse in Niagara Falls.

Plan Your Trip!

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