Teddy Bear holding new GO Toy Pass

GO Toy Pass

Teddy Bear holding new GO Toy Pass

GO Toy Pass

GO Toy Pass

Between saving the universe, attending fancy tea parties or just going along for a ride, today’s toys are busier than ever. We want to make sure that no special toy is left behind. That’s why we are proud to introduce the GO Toy Pass. Not only do kids 12 and under GO free, but their favourite toy does too! Get ready for endless FREE bestie adventures on GO Transit!

Teddy Bear holding new GO Toy Pass

What is the GO Toy Pass?

Make your child's next ride on GO Transit their most exciting one yet by bringing their favourite toy along for the adventure! This free pass will have the toy’s photo and details, along with important GO safety messaging on the back of the card to ensure kids' safe and fun adventures every time.

Kids already ride for free, so imagine their delight when they realize that their best friend does too! Make sure not to leave home without it, though - it's considered "proof of payment" for all Teddy Bears, Superheores and Stuffies onboard our GO trains and buses!

Get your FREE Toy Pass

You can make your own GO Toy Pass at home! Simply click this link and follow the instructions. Here’s how the online pass works:

  • Download the PDF
  • Upload a great image of your toy (we recommend cropping the image to a 4X5 image ratio for best results)
  • Fill our the toy’s information
  • Print (we recommend two-sided!)
  • Cut out and keep somewhere safe.

Kids GO Free

Travelling on the GO is even easier and more affordable since kids 12 and under always ride free on all GO trains and buses, and we hope that with the GO Toy Pass their ride is even more enjoyable with their best friend along for the ride. There are so many adventures to embark on, including these options that provide even more savings with PRESTO Perks!

Drive less and play more

Here’s some fun things that your family can do during your GO Train or Bus ride:

  • Bring along some games that are light and easy to pack such as cards or a small board game.
  • Keep the kids entertained along your whole journey with special themed colouring pages, currently featuring GO bear having fun in the snow!
  • Encourage your kids to look for interesting landmarks or animals during the ride.
  • Save some money by bringing some snacks that you know your family can safely enjoy onboard our vehicles.
  • Print out a map of your trip and count the stations to your destination and point out fun things along the way.

Remember not to leave the house without your GO Toy Pass when the next bestie journey begins on GO Transit! GO staff may politely ask to see if you are carrying your toy's "proof of payment" (and if you don't yet have a GO Toy Pass, they can help you secure one for free!)

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Know before you GO

Just a few things to keep in mind before you travel:

  • Children do not require a ticket or PRESTO to travel.
  • If children are travelling on trains during rush hour – Monday to Friday before 10:00 am and between 3:00 and 7:00 pm, we ask that they use the lower level. The upper level of all trains is designated as the Quiet Zone by Audible during rush hour.
  • Kids 12 and under are also free on UP Express and TTC if you’re looking to extend your trip around Toronto or to the Pearson Airport!
  • If a child transfers to or from another local transit service, they will only be eligible for the free transfer when they use a PRESTO card.
  • Adults travelling with children can use PRESTO, or they can purchase one of the many fare options that's most suitable for them, including the GO Weekend Pass which provides unlimited travel on weekends from $10 per person.
  • If you plan on bringing a large group of kids, please call us at 1-888-GET-ON-GO (438-6646) in advance so we can help accommodate your group.
  • We recommend children under 12 are accompanied by an adult when travelling on GO Transit. Children under 6 cannot travel alone.

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