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Apps & Online Tools

Schedules, service updates and trip planning info is all just a click away on your desktop or mobile device. Discover all the great tools available to keep you GO’ing!

Apps & Online Tools

Schedules, service updates and trip planning info is all just a click away on your desktop or mobile device. Discover all the great tools available to keep you GO’ing!

Looking for a GO Transit mobile app? While we don't have an official GO Transit mobile app or a dedicated GO Train app, GO Bus app, or GO Transit app for iPhone, we offer in-browser applications that can be accessed via a mobile device's browser. These online tools provide convenient ways to pay, plan your trips, and more. Explore the sections below to learn about the various tools available, including other GO Transit mobile app alternatives.

A mobile phone being used to order GO Transit e-tickets.

Plan Your Trip!

Are you planning a with GO Transit? We have various tools that can help ensure your trip with GO Transit is seamless and easy! Use our comprehensive trip planner tool that assists you in finding the most suitable routes, departure times, and connections for your journey. Our trip planner ensures you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. Whether you need to check out a few GO Transit schedule options, determine your fare, or look for a specific GO Transit train or bus trip times, our trip planner has got you covered.

You can easily find your trip options with our new and improved user-friendly interface. Simply select the number of passengers, departure time, origin and destination, date and time – even open trip filters to view all, train only, bus only and accessible trips. Results allow you to view trip details & fares all in one.

Plan your trip!


Are you looking for all of the GO Transit schedules? You can conveniently view the GO Transit schedule from your selected origin and destination on a particular date. This lets you easily plan your journeys from a long list of trip time options.

In addition to seeing our schedules online, we also offer full schedule PDFs of specific routes, allowing you to access the relevant schedule and then easily save or print before your trip. These PDFs provide an overview of departure times and stops for the selected routes, making it even more convenient to plan your trips in advance, especially if travelling without data or Wi-Fi.

Although PDFs can be a great option to save and print, please ensure you’re viewing the latest and greatest GO Transit schedules online. Rail and bus schedules are subject to change frequently. For the most up-to-date departure information, visit the Trip Planner to get the next available trips for your train or bus. Visit the See Schedules page to find all train and bus schedule information.


Does your trip involve multiple transit systems? We highly recommend utilizing Triplinx. This tool seamlessly integrates information from various transit systems. Triplinx offers a comprehensive trip planner that encompasses GO Transit and other local transit systems across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. This tool can provide you with very useful information. You can access schedules and fares, and plan your trips effectively, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey across the entire region.

Visit Triplinx!

Fares & Fines

Customer Protective Officers

We have integrated the fare calculator directly into our trip planning tool to calculate your GO Transit fare. This tool allows you to estimate the cost of your trip based on your origin and destination for the exact trip you’re planning.

Your GO fare is based on your concession, whether you’re an adult, senior, youth or post-secondary student, and the distance you’re travelling between two specified points called fare zones. Plus, kids 12 and under are FREE. Want to learn more about all of the different ways you can pay?  We have plenty of options to make sure everyone can enjoy the journey!

Full-time post-secondary students can also save 40% on GO with PRESTO. You just need to apply online. Learn how to apply for your Student ID to take advantage of this fantastic offer!

Dealing with a fine?

If you have received a fine while using GO Transit services, find information on how to pay the fine and what happens if you don't pay when dealing with a fine. Find out what you need to know if you received a Notice of Violation, Parking Infraction Notice or a Provincial Offence Notice.  

Payment & Refund

Regarding paying for your GO Transit Bus or Train ride, we provide a range of convenient options to enhance your experience. To pay your fare, you can tap your PRESTO card, tap your credit/debit card, buy an E-ticket or pass, or buy a paper ticket.

Experience the ease and convenience of digital ticketing with our e-tickets and passes. Say goodbye to paper tickets and embrace a more sustainable and efficient way to pay for your GO Transit journey – you can even purchase tickets using Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can even save with a weekday group pass or weekend pass available on your smartphone.

Additionally, you can use PRESTO, the electronic fare payment system that offers convenient and discounted fares for transit travel. With PRESTO, your transit journeys become effortless and cost-effective. The system rewards frequent travellers with increased savings, making it more affordable the more you use it.

To enhance your PRESTO experience, we recommend using the PRESTO App! The PRESTO App allows you to load funds onto your card instantly, check your balance in real-time, set up Autoload for automatic balance replenishment, manage multiple cards within one account, and even load funds using popular mobile payment options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. These features ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for all PRESTO users.

Delays & Updates

Oshawa Train

Stay informed about GO Transit delays and service updates by regularly visiting our website. We ensure you receive timely notifications and alerts regarding any schedule changes or disruptions that may affect your travel plans. Access the latest information on service updates, construction notices, and detours by checking out:

  • Service Updates: Stay updated on any service-related changes, delays, or disruptions by visiting this page

  • Schedule Changes: Get detailed information on any schedule modifications or adjustments by visiting this page
  • Construction Notices: Visit this page to find updates on construction projects and any associated impacts on GO Transit services

In addition to regularly checking our website, you can sign up to receive email and text alerts directly to your inbox or mobile device. These alerts will inform you about important service updates, promotions, and other relevant information. To stay connected and receive timely notifications, sign up today!

  • Sign Up for On the GO Alerts: Subscribe to our On the GO alerts service to receive text messages about service updates, delays, and promotions

By utilizing our online resources and signing up for alerts, you can confidently stay ahead of any disruptions or changes and plan your trip.

We promise to do our best to be on time, however, sometimes delays happen – including those outside our control. Our GO Train Service Guarantee applies to all delayed, regularly scheduled trips, except when extreme weather conditions cause delays. If your train’s arrival is delayed by 15 minutes or more, we will credit what you paid for your train trip. Our Service Guarantee policy doesn’t apply to delays caused by extreme weather conditions, including Environment Canada advisories, watches, and warnings. This also includes severe winter weather conditions when GO Transit operates on a special schedule.


Metrolinx opens new Rutherford GO parking structure – Check out new photos and video

You're in luck if you need a parking spot at a GO Transit station. We have a variety of options available. Our offerings include free parking, carpool parking, and reserved parking – plus reserved bike parking. Learn more about Getting to your GO station by accessing detailed information about parking options, fees, and availability, including:

  • Reserved Parking: GO Transit reserved parking gives you exclusive access to a parking space specifically designated for your registered vehicle. You can rent a parking space at your preferred GO station from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends & holidays. Apply for a spot today
  • Carpool Parking: If you drive to a station with one or more passengers and your station offers carpool parking, you can apply for a free parking permit. Request a carpool parking permit today
  • Reserved Bike Parking: If you prefer cycling, reserved bicycle parking lets you rent a space for your bike in the bicycle area at selected GO stations for a 1-year period. Apply online now

At GO Transit, we understand the importance of accessible and convenient parking solutions for our passengers. We look to provide comprehensive information on each parking option, including GO Transit parking fees and help you make informed decisions based on your needs.

We hope these digital tools enhance your GO Transit experience and make your travels more convenient.