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Bloor GO Station Improvement

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Bloor GO Station Improvement

We're Transforming Your Station!

We will be building a new track on the Kitchener GO line, next to the West Toronto Railpath. Part of this work will include construction of a new entrance to Bloor GO Station, a new community park at Ernest Avenue, and a realignment of the Railpath, on behalf of the City of Toronto.

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Pictured: Future GO station rendering

What's Changing

Bloor Street West Rail Bridge Shift

We are transforming your station as part of the Kitchener Line GO Expansion program. The final phase of work is underway on the Bloor Street Rail Bridge. This is to make way for additional track which will allow for better and faster GO service. 

Here is what you need to know:

  • Beginning at 9 p.m. on Friday, November 17 until Friday, November 24, one lane of Bloor St. W. will continue to be closed. There will be single lane traffic in each direction.
  • The Bloor St. entrance to the GO station will be temporarily closed. Please access the station via Ernest Ave. or the Dundas St. Pick-up/drop-off area.
  • The sidewalk on the north side of Bloor St. W. will be closed and all bike lanes remain closed.
  • Please plan ahead, follow directional signs and use caution when walking near construction areas.
  • This schedule may be adjusted due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

There will be no impact to train service during this work.

Thank you for your patience while we transform your station.

The West Toronto Railpath is closed from Ernest Avenue to Perth Ave./Sterling Rd.

A detour path is in place to help you along your way. We need additional space while important construction work progresses to build the new pedestrian tunnel, covered pavilion, noise wall and the groundwork for the railway track.

To view the detour, see the map above.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Give yourself extra time and follow directional signs. The detour may add several minutes to your commute.
  • Access to the station from Ernest Avenue including a ramp to Platform 1 remains available.
  • The pedestrian bridge and the nearby north side stairs at Bloor Street West are closed. Use the UP Express entrance at the north side of Bloor Street West to get to the station and Railpath.
  • Barrier-free access to the station and Railpath is available at the Union-Pearson (UP) Express entrance on the North side of Bloor Street.

How to get to the station and access the West Toronto Railpath:

Travelling south on the Railpath towards Bloor Street:

  1. Use the ramp or stairs at Ernest Avenue to access the Bloor GO Station platform.
  2. Head towards the UP Express staircase and elevator located at the south end of the station. Look for the black columns and wood ceiling.
  3. Take the staircase or elevator to the lower level and exit the station doors onto Bloor Street.
  4. Turn left towards Symington Avenue. At Symington, cross to the South side of Bloor and head South on Sterling Road.
  5. At the Sterling Road/Perth Avenue intersection, turn right towards the new Railpath connection.

Travelling north on the Railpath towards Bloor Street:

  1. Head north on the Railpath until reaching the new connection to Perth Avenue/Sterling Road.
  2. Turn right and head North on Sterling Road towards Bloor Street.
  3. Cross to the North side of Bloor St and turn left towards Bloor GO Station.
  4. Use the first set of doors located under the bridge, on your right side, to access the Bloor GO/UP Express Station.
  5. Take the elevator or staircase to access the platform level.
  6. Head to the north end of the platform and re-access the Railpath using the ramp or stairs at Ernest Avenue.

How You'll Benefit

We’re bringing the following improvements to Bloor GO Station and surrounding area:

  • A new, approximately 2.5-kilometer section of fourth track, will be installed from Lansdowne Avenue to Dupont Street to increase capacity on the Kitchener Line.
  • A new pedestrian tunnel will connect Bloor GO Station with Randolph Avenue and a covered pedestrian pavilion will be added to access the station
  • Realignment of the West Toronto Railpath multi-use trail and the addition of plantings, gardens, and seating
  • A new community park along the West Toronto Railpath at Ernest Avenue
  • Noise barrier and retaining wall installation
  • Changes to the existing Bloor Street West pedestrian bridge, which will include a taller fence on the west side of the bridge to increase safety.

Last updated November 15, 2023 | Renderings are subject to change