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Commuters on GO Train.

Find Your GO Time

Commuters on GO Train.

Find Your GO Time

You Could Be Doing a Lot More With Your Time on GO Transit

Leave your vehicle at home so you can focus on what matters to you.

With services all across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, GO Transit is more than just taking a train or bus to reach your destination; whether it's to school or the office, to visit your family and friends, or to explore local destinations. You’re taking back your time.

There are thousands of things you could be doing with your time instead of driving.

Find time to finish the last chapter of your latest book or catch up on work. Find time to sketch a drawing or watch a video. Find time to catch up with a friend, sleep, or simply enjoy some time to yourself.

So don’t waste your time behind the wheel. Find your GO time.

As You Head Back to the Office

While it might be comfy to work at home in your pyjamas, it can be hard to think clearly with all the household noise. Your ride on GO Transit is the perfect time to focus on work without the distractions of your lovely - but chatty – family or roommates. Send a few emails, read over a proposal, or do some last minute prep for a presentation. You can get a lot done during a quiet ride on GO Transit.

Find your focus time

Find your relaxation time

When work is over, there shouldn’t be anything standing in between you and your time off. So, take a break instead of hitting the brakes in traffic. Riding on GO Transit opens up your day so you can watch the next episode, read your favourite blog, or just relax on the way home.

Find Your Quiet Time

We all have a million things on our plates in a day. GO Transit is the perfect place to unwind for some quiet time alone. So, go ahead, empty your mind as you watch scenery out the window. Take a quick nap on the way to work. Make use of the free e-books or the guided meditation you've been meaning to try. Enjoy some well-deserved moments to yourself.

Find Your GO Time as You Head Back to Class

Let GO Transit take you to school, see your friends, or check out the latest new food spot so you can spend time doing things that matter to you. Find time to study, play some games, text your friend, or take a nap. Travel time on GO is your time. Find your GO time.

Find your study time

Find your study time

The time you waste sitting in traffic could be time spent on getting in some extra studying before that big test. When you take GO Transit to school, your travel time becomes your study time. Forget studying the traffic and start reading those study notes.

Find your play time

There's no place like GO Transit to go for the win and enjoy some uninterrupted gaming time—solo or with a friend. Smash some sweets and reach the next level on your favourite app. Or try to beat your fastest time solving a crossword puzzle. There’s endless fun to be had on board.

Find your texting time

Reply in an instant to the group chat. Browse funny dog GIFs to share with your pup-obsessed aunt. Send your BFF the best birthday message ever—because they're worth it. When you take GO Transit, you have the free time to kick back and craft the perfect texts for family and friends.

Find your nap time

Your life is busy and sometimes it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day - or night. Whether you were up late finishing that essay, cramming for a test, or having a good chat with a friend, you can always catch a little extra shut-eye while you ride with GO Transit. Grab a nap on the way to school so that you’re fresh for class, or a nap on the way home so that you’re ready for another late night!