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Auto Theft & Damage

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Auto Theft & Damage

Park With Confidence

Our stations, parking lots, and structures are primarily patrolled by our Customer Protective Officers. Additionally, front-line GO staff — such as station ambassadors, bus drivers, and maintenance and construction workers — all provide additional support in maintaining surveillance and security.

With all these security measures — including our comprehensive CCTV system — cars parked on our property are sometimes subjected to the same types of theft, vandalism, or property damage.

When parking your vehicle, always:

  • Close all the windows and lock all doors.
  • Use your anti-theft devices, such as a car alarm or steering wheel lock, if you have them.
  • Keep your valuables out of sight—that includes loose change, GPS devices, phones, etc.

In the unfortunate event that you happen to experience property damage or an auto-related crime on our property, you should immediately:

  • Make sure you’re safe or get to a safe place
  • Take notes/pictures of the damage incurred
  • Take notes/pictures of the parking space where damage occurred
  • Drive home if your car can operate safely; otherwise, call a friend, family member, or taxi to take you home
  • From home, call the non-emergency number of your local police to file a report
  • Call your car insurance company to report the incident
  • Call GO Transit Safety Dispatch at 1-877-297-0642 to report the incident

After calling GO Transit Safety and filing an incident report, a GO Customer Protective Officer will call back to gather additional information if required.

Customer Protective Officers assist local police with their investigations and review facts and evidence gathered. Evidence may include CCTV images, which are only shared with the police as part of ongoing police investigations.

Please keep both the police and GO Transit informed when incidents such as vandalism and theft occur; this allows us to collaborate and coordinate our resources more effectively.