Safety on the GO Videos

We all have important places to get to and making sure every customer arrives on time is definitely one of our top priorities, but nothing is more important to us than customer safety.

While our staff will always look out for customer safety, part of ensuring a safe system for everyone is making sure our customers learn and stay informed about their own personal safety.

That’s where our Safety on the GO Videos come in.

Catch our Transit Safety Officer team delivering safety tips and advice in our safety vlogs and learn what dangerous things you should never do in our Close Call series.

Watch, learn and stay safe while on the GO.

We’ll be adding new video content regularly so check back often and follow us on twitter @GOtransit to keep up with our Transit Safety experts!

Transit Safety Office Vlog Videos


Special Constables Justin & Hilry teach you all about backpacks! Explore the potential dangers posed by backpacks in congested areas like trains and stations. Pick up some great tips on navigating through crowds with your backpack safely.

Suspicious Packages

Special Constables Justin & Hilry, tell you how to use the H.O.T method and some lesser-known giveaways to identify and deal with suspicious packages.

CCTV Close Call Videos

Crossing The Tracks

CCTV footage shows why you should always pay attention and never cross the tracks at a crossing when the gate arms are down.

Taking a Selfie

This CCTV footage highlights the dangers of trying to take selfies on the tracks.

What A Save

This CCTV surveillance footage illustrates why you should never attempt to retrieve a dropped object from the train tracks while a train is approaching. Luckily, Transit Safety Officers were there to make the save. Safety is no game. Play by the rules and stay well behind the yellow line.