Find Your GO Time: Bus and Train Travel Tips

Find your nap time

Time on the GO isn’t just time on the road

GO Transit is more than just another way to reach your destination. When you travel by train or bus with GO, you’re not just taking transit, you’re taking back your time.

Now, time on the road is no longer lost behind the wheel. It’s a chance to make more time for what’s important. Plan your next trip with GO and pre-buy your GO train or bus ticket online here.

Find time to proofread your report or finish the last chapter of your latest book. Find time to learn a new language or watch a video. Find time to catch up with a friend, work, sleep, or simply enjoy some time to yourself.

There are thousands of things you could be doing with your time instead of driving. When you travel by GO bus or train, it’s yours to spend however you’d like.

So don’t waste your time behind the wheel.

Find your GO time.

Plan your next trip with GO.

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Find your bonding time.

It’s not always where you’re going, but the journey getting there. Here a father discovers his daughter’s favourite fish on the way to the aquarium… and something else.

Find your nap time.

We’ve all been there. The unspeakable drudgery that is pouring yourself the final few drips in the coffee pot all for a brief jolt of energy. This can be avoided. Use your travel time better. Instead of intensely focusing on the taillights in front of you, close your eyes, relax, and stare deeply into the insides of your eyelids while GO takes you there.

Your next adventure awaits.

GO Transit’s vast network of trains and buses gives you access to the best attractions and events around the GTA and beyond.

When you take GO, the journey can become part of the fun. Find your family time on the way to cottage country. Spend less time looking at the taillights of the car in front of you, and more time looking out the window as you all enjoy a little relaxation time before you arrive.

Remember, kids 12 and under ride GO for free. Taking your children to the Royal Ontario Museum? Save money and enjoy some stress-free drawing time, or compare your favourite fish with your kids on the way to Ripley’s Aquarium.

Whether you’re a frequent GO rider or just taking the occasional trip downtown, you can get extra savings on your trip just by using your PRESTO card.

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You could be doing a lot more with your time.


Leave your vehicle at home so you can focus on what matters to you. Here are some GO bus and train travel tips for making the most of your GO time.

  • Find your work time: make that presentation deck a little more impressive
  • Find your play time: smash some sweets and beat the next level on your favourite game
  • Find your quiet time: finally use your meditation app or take a quick nap on the way to work
  • Find your texting time: search for the perfect response .GIF to send to the group chat
  • Find your bonding time: catch up with friends on the way to the concert