COVID-19 Safety and GO Transit

Passengers on a GO train wearing face coverings.

Safety Never Stops

Things may be different, but our commitment to your health, comfort and safety will never change.

  • Check out the coronavirus safety measures we’ve been taking to help our passengers and employees travel safe on GO.
  • Our services are operating a little differently. It’s good to plan accordingly. Get the latest GO Transit schedules changes and service updates.
  • Public health officials stress that even once you are vaccinated, it is important to follow health and safety measures. Wearing a mask on transit is mandatory.
  • Keep and eye out for our specially-wrapped "see-through" Safety Never Stops buses on a GO Bus route near you; You may even be lucky enough to ride one.
  • Have questions? We have answers. Check out our FAQ for the latest travel advice.

Rest assured: We are ready for you when you are ready to return to GO Transit.

Travel Safe on GO Transit

We’re proud to continue serving our communities. As things changed, we did too. The 40+ safety measures we’ve put in place are guided by public health officials, and we’re always looking for new ways to keep you healthy and safe on GO Transit. Your health and safety are our top priority, so let’s protect each other!

Please ride safe with these tips:


Don’t take public transit if you’re sick.

face covering

Wear a face mask to protect yourself and others.


Wash your hands frequently. If you’re unable to, use one of the many hand sanitizing stations available throughout your journey.


Avoid lining up at the station. Load money onto your PRESTO card using the PRESTO App available on the App Store or on Google Play, or buy your ticket online.

Our front-line team will:

  • Continue to actively participate in increased cleaning procedures.
  • Receive regular health screening.
  • Wear face masks and practice physical distancing at work.
  • Always have access to reusable face masks, face shields, latex gloves and hand sanitizer.

Crew Operating Areas

'Crew Operating Areas' have been installed onboard accessibility coaches on GO trains across the network, in an effort to provide Customer Service Ambassadors with enough space to conduct their jobs safely and comfortably. This addition to accessibility coaches will allow for the CSAs to freely move around and conduct their duties in a safer work environment.

'Crew operating area' decals have been placed outside of every accessibility coach door where the CSA is stationed, and also inside on the partition, to ensure all passengers are aware of the new change. Customers can still start and end their journeys as they always have - with a few nice words exchanged with the CSAs who will remain close by. For more information on this change, visit this story on Metrolinx News.

CleanSlate UV Sanitizing Machines

In another effort to reinforce Safety Never Stops, Metrolinx has partnered with CleanSlate UV to bring sanitizing devices to several GO Stations across the network.

Using sanitizing machines from CleanSlate UV, a Canadian biosafety company, is another way to help keep people safe. Sanitizing machines that harness the power of UV light to kill up to 99.9 per cent of germs on smartphones and other handheld items in only 20 seconds. Try it with your mobile phone, tablets, keys, access cards, watches, pens and more!

CleanSlate UV sanitizing machines can be found at Union Station and Union Station Bus Terminal, along with the following line stations:

  • Lakeshore East Line: Pickering GO, Whitby GO, Oshawa GO
  • Lakeshore West Line: Port Credit GO, Clarkson GO, Oakville GO, Bronte GO, Appleby GO, Burlington GO, Aldershot GO
  • Milton Line: Cooksville GO, Streetsville GO, Meadowvale GO
  • Kitchener Line: Bramalea GO, Mount Pleasant GO
  • Barrie Line: Hwy 407 Bus Terminal

The Maskies Awards - Celebrating the Best in Mask-Wearing on GO Transit!

Maskies awards with GO Bear

On July 27th, 'The Maskies' took place at Union Station, celebrating and thanking all passengers who ride with us while properly wearing a face mask. We surprised customers travelling through York Concourse and UP Express with a trophy called 'The Maskie', as well as a free branded face mask - our way of saying thank you for adhering to our mandatory face mask policy while travelling across GO and UP Express. Public health officials stress that even once you are vaccinated, it is important to follow health and safety measures that help keep us and others safe such as properly wearing face masks.

COVID-19 safety measures on our GO trains, GO buses, on platforms and in our stations include:

  • Health and Safety kiosks in the York Concourse and at various GO stations, where you’ll be able to voluntarily check your temperature, read up about proper hand hygiene, and learn a bit more about our cleaning procedures.
  • Frequently scheduled deep cleaning, which includes the use of specialized HEPA Vacs. These vacuums remove tiny particles, including the droplets which transmit COVID-19.
  • Application of a long-acting antimicrobial germ protecting barrier on all of our vehicles and high-touch areas in stations.
  • Immediately closing a station/ taking a vehicle out of service for deep cleaning in the event a person with a suspected case of COVID-19 has been on the premises/on-board.
  • Polycarbonate screens on buses and in stations to protect customers and staff.
  • Touchless payment options to ensure that no cash is handled – such as PRESTO! When using PRESTO, don't forget to tap off.
  • Hand sanitizing dispensers available at all stations, at the entry zone of each train, and on over 400+ buses.
  • Removal of hands-on assistance unless needed.

Enhanced Cleaning Measures


Dozens of safety measures have been implemented to ensure our trains, buses and stations are clean and provide a safe transit option. We have always disinfected our vehicles and stations daily, but we have enhanced our cleaning measures to include all high-touch surfaces. We’ve also upgraded air filtration on buses, trains and in stations.

Here’s what we’ve been doing more of:

          • Dedicating more staff to cleaning throughout the day. Visible, increased cleaning is one of Metrolinx’s commitments as we work to attract our customers back to the clean, comfortable and safe environment you love and expect from us.
          • Using disinfectants to clean and disinfect our trains, buses, and stations every day, every night, and throughout the day where possible.
          • Cleaning and disinfecting common touchpoints including door handrails, seatback grab handles, seat armrests, handrails, stanchions, elevator buttons, mobility areas, and seat dividers.
          • Cleaning of all washrooms and frequent disinfection of door handles, buttons, faucets, soap dispensers, door locks and support bars.
          • Immediate disposal of discarded masks/gloves. Increased removal of garbage and paper from the seats/floor.

Health & Safety Kiosks

To demonstrate our continued commitment to safety, Metrolinx unveiled Health & Safety Kiosks in York Concourse at Union Station, nearby the Lost & Found, and at several other GO Stations across the GTHA. In addition to helpful on-site information surrounding germ protection and personal property cleanliness, customers can also check their temperature.

Temperature screening is self-serve, voluntary, and not mandatory prior to boarding.

Look out for a kiosk and temperature screening device at a GO Station near you.

Testing More Safety Features on the GO

We’ve been listening to our customers carefully, and that’s why we’ve implemented some new features inside some of our trains and buses to help keep everyone safe:

Click image to enlarge

Train wayfinding

Train wayfinding

Designated entry and exit doors help you limit your contact with other passengers. Please exercise patience and give yourself enough time to safely board and exit the train.

Click image to enlarge

Train decal

Train decal

On-board floor decals encourage everyone to spread out throughout the train when possible.

Click image to enlarge

Plexi-glass seat dividers

Plexi-glass seat dividers

Plexi-glass seat dividers help prevent the spread of germs by putting a barrier between you and other passengers. With a face mask, you can sit (or nap) anywhere safely.


Do all customers have to wear face masks when riding GO?

When riding with us, we’ve made face mask mandatory. We’ve also made it mandatory for our staff to wear one on the job. It’s part of our commitment to protect you. They’re essential to keeping everyone safe on transit. That said, we ask for your understanding as not everyone can wear face masks for health reasons.

Have you made any changes to your cleaning measures?

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve followed the advice of Public Health officials to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. We continue to use enhanced cleaning measures that include all high-touch surfaces on our vehicles and in stations, which, following the advice of Public Health Ontario, are carried out once daily.

Is hand sanitizer available at the station?

Yes, there is hand sanitizer available at all GO stations, at the entry zone of each train, and on over 400+ buses, so they are readily available at many points in your journey.

How can I buy an e-ticket or load my PRESTO card before getting to the station?

Load your PRESTO card using the mobile app – instant loads available now! or buy GO Transit e-tickets online.

With PRESTO, you can set up Autoload so your PRESTO card automatically loads when your balance drops below a dollar amount you choose. For more information, please visit here.

How do I navigate around the station while avoiding other passengers?

We’ve installed safety messaging signs and decals (i.e. “Stand Here”,  “No waiting”, etc.) to help with your navigation in and out of our stations and platforms, to facilitate an easier time with physical distancing when possible.

Are washrooms still open on GO trains?

Yes, on-board washrooms will continue to be open and are regularly cleaned.

Are the restaurants in the food court open at Union Station?

Many retailers in Union Station’s food court are now open. However, most seating areas remain closed throughout the station.