GO Train Delay Refund with Service Guarantee

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We promise to do our best to be on time, however, sometimes delays happen – including those outside our control. Our GO Train Service Guarantee applies to all delayed, regularly scheduled trips, except when delays are caused by extreme weather conditions.

If your train’s arrival is delayed by 15 minutes or more, we will refund what you paid for your GO train trip if the delay was not caused by extreme weather conditions, including Environment Canada advisories, watches, and warnings. This also includes severe winter weather conditions when GO Transit operates on a special schedule.

Special flat-fare tickets, including the GO + Niagara Parks Pricing Package, the Weekend Pass and Weekend Day Pass for unlimited travel, are not eligible for Service Guarantee refunds.


If you travelled on GO Transit and your trip was delayed, you can click on the “Check Trip” link above once the trip is complete to see if it qualifies for a refund. It may take up to 72 hours for the system to show the trip’s eligibility status. If your trip qualifies, see below for how to request a refund if you paid with PRESTO or if you purchased an e-ticket, paper ticket or a day pass.

To be eligible, if you’ve travelled with a ticket on the delayed train, that ticket must have been purchased within one hour of the scheduled departure time. To qualify for a refund on an eligible trip paid with a PRESTO card, you must have tapped on within 15 minutes of your trip’s scheduled departure time.

Requesting a Refund

You can apply for a refund once the trip is complete and is confirmed to qualify for a refund, as outlined above.

If you paid your fare using a PRESTO card, you must submit your claim online within seven days of the delayed trip.

If you used a paper ticket or day or group pass, you can make a claim at Union Station within seven days of the affected trip. A station ambassador can check to see if the trip qualifies for the Service Guarantee. If it does, you will be credited what you paid for your trip with a credit voucher. If you have a PRESTO card, the station ambassador can also credit the fare you paid to your card. Or, reach out to our Contact Centre if you paid your fare with an e-ticket or if you’re unable to travel to Union Station within seven days.

Refund Value

You will be refunded the fare paid for the eligible delayed trip. PRESTO card holders in their 35+ trip discount periods will receive the reduced fare paid as refund. If you travelled using an e-ticket or paper ticket, you will receive a GO fare voucher redeemable for the trip on which a delay was experienced.

Day and group pass customers will receive GO fare vouchers for one half of the pass price for a delayed trip, up to a maximum of two trips.

Have questions? Be sure to check out the Service Guarantee site for more details.