GO Train Delay Refund with Service Guarantee

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We promise to do our best to be on time; however, sometimes delays happen. With our GO Train Service Guarantee, if your train arrival is delayed by 15 minutes or more for reasons within our control, we will refund what you paid for your GO train trip.


If you paid for the affected trip using a PRESTO card, you can check to see if your trip qualifies for a refund once the trip is complete and available on the Service Guarantee site.

Here are some, but not all, eligibility requirements for our Service Guarantee policy.

Eligible delays within GO Transit's control:

  • Equipment, signal, or switch problems
  • Railcar door issues
  • Train traffic
  • Blocked tracks due to freight or VIA trains
  • Construction or maintenance (without notice)
  • Operational or mechanical issues

To be eligible, if you’ve travelled with a ticket on the delayed train, that ticket must have been purchased within one hour of the scheduled departure time. If you used PRESTO, you must have tapped on no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the delayed train.

Not eligible: External factors beyond GO Transit's control

  • Police investigations
  • On-board emergencies
  • Trespassing or pedestrian incidents
  • Track obstructions
  • Extreme weather 
  • When the “GO Transit Adjusted Winter Storm Schedule” plan is in effect
  • When the on-board yellow emergency strip has been pushed
  • Welland Canal right-of-way for passing ships
  • Previously communicated service adjustments
  • Trips on multiple corridors (only 1 trip at a time)
  • Missed connections
  • Bus trips
  • Train trips cancelled prior to departure
  • Construction with advance notice
  • Special event flat-fare tickets or passes purchased online or in-person (ie. Sunday Funday)

Requesting a Refund

You can apply for a refund once the trip is complete and available on the Service Guarantee site. Please note that if you are trying to obtain a refund any time before that it will not work.

If you paid for your trip using a PRESTO card you must submit your claim online within seven days of the affected trip.

If you travelled with single-ride tickets or day/group passes you may request a refund at any GO station by the end of the following weekday.

Refund Value

You will be refunded the fare paid for the eligible delayed trip. PRESTO card holders in their 35+ trip discount periods will receive the reduced fare paid as refund. If you travelled using  single ride tickets, you will receive a GO fare voucher redeemable for the trip on which a delay was experienced.

Day and group pass customers will receive GO fare vouchers for one half of the pass price for a delayed trip, up to a maximum of two trips.

Have questions? Be sure to check out the Service Guarantee site for more details.