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Types of Machines

What Do PRESTO Machines Look Like?

Knowing how to use these machines makes paying your fare easier and faster.

PRESTO Devices at Stations

PRESTO devices are available at a GO Station near you! Using these machines, you can pay your fare with a PRESTO card, or a credit or debit card (including credit or debit cards on your smartphone or smartwatch). You can also check your PRESTO card balance with increased reliability and accessibility improvements. Press the “mode” button to the left of the screen to check your PRESTO card balance, override a default trip or reverse a tap. Don’t tap your wallet, purse or phone case on the device – just present your payment method of choice. Remember, you'll need to tap off at the end of each trip, unless you have set a default trip on your PRESTO card, credit card or physical debit card.

Please note that default trips are not available if you tap to pay with a debit card in your mobile wallet. If you tap on with debit card in a mobile wallet on your phone or watch, you will have to tap off with the same mobile wallet you used at the start of your trip.

PRESTO Devices On-board Bus

PRESTO devices are available on all GO Buses too! They are easy to read, fast and reliable. Just tap your PRESTO card, or a credit or debit card (including credit or debit cards on your smartphone or smartwatch) when you board and exit the bus, and remember to take your card out of your wallet, purse or phone case before you tap – to make sure the right card is charged.

Self-Serve Reload

Use a Self-Serve Reload machine to instantly load money onto your PRESTO card with a credit or debit card. You also can check your balance or transaction history, and complete online activities such as Autoload or registration. These machines are located in the York Concourse and Teamways, Bloor and Weston GO Stations, Pearson Airport, and all TTC stations. They also offer audio support for the visually impaired via headphone jack. For more detail, check out the PRESTO website.

Ticket Vending Machines

At TVMs you can buy GO tickets and instantly load funds onto your PRESTO card by paying with cash, debit or credit card. Select TVMs also sell PRESTO cards. You can check your balance, transaction history and fare type. Cards purchased at TVMs are automatically set as an adult fare type but can be changed by a station ambassador at Union Station or at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations. You can also settle overdraft or missed tap off charges, and activate Autoload or an online registration. For additional information, visit the PRESTO website.