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Our GO Bus has a new home! The new Union Station Bus Terminal offers a safe, more comfortable and convenient space featuring a climate-controlled waiting area, Wi-Fi, bathrooms and more.

Where is the new Union Station Bus Terminal?

  • The new GO bus terminal at Union Station is located at 81 Bay Street in Toronto at the north-east corner of Bay and Lake Shore Blvd.
  • To access the new terminal from outside – enter via the main entrance on Lake Shore Blvd., just east of Bay Street or the entrance on the east side of Bay Street, across from Scotiabank Arena.
  • If you’re coming from Union Station, you can take the indoor pedestrian bridge over Bay Street that connects to the bus terminal from Scotiabank Arena.
  • The walkway on the east side of Bay Street is now open as well. Simply follow signs in the area to get to your platform.
  • The new Union Station Bus Terminal is part of CIBC SQUARE at the northeast corner of Bay St and Lake Shore Blvd.

Toronto Union Station Bus Terminal Map

Use this map to find your way from Union Station to the new Bus Terminal, trains, subways and amenities.

USBT Map 520 x 293

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When are Union Station GO Bus Departures?

How to board at the new Union Station Bus Terminal in Toronto

  • Like an airport, there are zones, and gates within those zones, that open to the bus platforms.
  • Your bus may not always depart from the same gate, so be sure always to check the departure board for the most up-to-date information.
  • Numerous digital display screens and announcements make it easy for you to find your zone and your gate and know when you should line up for your GO bus.

What are the amenities at the new Union Station Bus Terminal?

  • Charging ports and Free Wi-Fi in the terminal and on the GO bus make it easier for you to stay connected on your journey.
  • A customer pick-up/drop-off area is located on P1, with elevator access to the terminal.
  • Washrooms are available on both levels at the Union Station Bus Terminal.
  • Riding your bike is a great way to get to the GO Bus at Union Station. Bicycle parking is located on Level P1 and on the street level on Bay Street.
  • The new terminal provides more indoor, climate-controlled waiting space.
  • A new indoor pedestrian bridge over Bay Street connects the terminal directly to Scotiabank Arena as well as the PATH and Union Station. This makes it easier for Union Station customers to transfer between buses and trains by providing direct access between the new terminal and GO Transit's York Concourse, UP Express, the TTC subway, and VIA Rail, all indoors.
  • Second Cup Cafe is located on the first floor, open 6:00 am to 10:00 pm every day. Grab a coffee or snack while you wait for your bus.

Where to buy GO bus tickets at Union Station Bus Terminal?

Is the Terminal Accessible?

The terminal provides improved accessibility features, including:

  • Tactile signs on handrails to provide wayfinding information through raised print and Braille (a first in Canada).
  • More trip information is presented at eye-level.
  • All two-way intercoms used in emergencies are accessible for individuals that are hard of hearing.
  • Vertical bars instead of traditional buttons are used to open power doors, providing enhanced accessibility particularly for those with limited upper mobility; and enhanced washroom accessibility.

Where do I catch megabus and Ontario Northland at Union Station?

  • Megabus and Ontario Northland trips will be displayed on all departure boards across the terminal to direct you to the relevant zone for boarding.
  • For megabus schedules, fares and general inquiries click here or call 1-866-488-4452.
  • For Ontario Northland schedules, fares, and inquiries, visit Ontario Northland's website.