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Tapping PRESTO card on machine

Three-Hour Travel Window

There is a 3-hour travel window to complete your GO trip.

Tapping off 3 hours after you’ve tapped on will reactivate your PRESTO card, credit card, or debit card and you’ll end up being charged twice.

Transfer Window

You have a 3-hour travel window to complete your GO trip. Transfer credits will be automatically applied when transferring between GO Buses, GO Buses to GO Trains, or GO Trains to GO Buses. Remember, transfers between GO Transit and other participating systems must also occur within 3 hours of the start of your GO trip.

You can easily transfer between GO Transit and the following transit agencies, using your PRESTO card, credit card, or debit card:

Check your Transfer Window on the PRESTO App

Need to check when your transfer window expires? You can now conveniently use the PRESTO App to instantly check how much time you have left on your transfer.

This new feature shows you what time your current trip’s transfer window expires, meaning you can see the information for all of the transit systems you’ve tapped on to.

To access this feature, simply use the ‘Check Balance’ feature on the PRESTO App and follow the prompts to hold your card to the back of your NFC-enabled smartphone. All available transfers will appear at the top of the app under the “Transfer Valid Until” section.

On GO, your transfer window time will be available once you’ve tapped off on a trip. If you have a GO default trip set on your PRESTO card, physical credit card, physical debit card, or credit card on your mobile wallet, your transfer window will be available once you’ve tapped on.

What to Do If You’re Delayed

If you’re delayed on the GO network and you have a default trip set, there’s no change to what you usually do.

However, if you’re delayed and don’t have a default trip set on your PRESTO card or credit card...

And you arrive at your destination


Less than three hours since tapping on

You should tap off

More than three hours since tapping on

You shouldn't tap off

Please check your balance and contact us if you’ve been charged an incorrect fare.

We promise to do our best to be on time, however, sometimes delays happen – including those outside our control. Our GO Train Service Guarantee applies to all delayed, regularly scheduled trips, except when delays are caused by extreme weather conditions. Learn more about Our Service Guarantee.