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Save with a GO Transit Weekend Pass

Published: Jan 26, 2023

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Weekends spent enjoying the beach, having patio drinks, or just having a backyard visit with those friends who live on the other side of the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

As we welcome the warmer weather, we know that you’re looking forward to visiting with friends and family, and returning to your favourite attractions and day trip locations. GO Transit is happy to welcome back our regular customers for safe and comfortable travel to and from work, but we’re also very excited to help everyone enjoy their weekends a little bit more! 

What’s a Weekend Pass?

There are 2 types of passes available:

$10 One Day Pass

  • This pass will allow you to travel all day long on a Saturday OR a Sunday OR a Holiday.

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Looking to travel on a weekday?

Check out our weekday group pass.

Where Can I GO?

Your pass will allow for unlimited rides - on bus or train - between your starting location and your specified destination during that day or weekend. But you can hop on and off at any stop in between those two points.

Do you live in Pickering and feel like taking a trip to Niagara Falls with the kids? You could include the extended family if they live along the way. You could start in Pickering and get off the train at Port Credit to meet your parents. Then stop again in Burlington to meet your brother and his family. Then continue on to Niagara Falls altogether.

Or maybe you and your partner live downtown and feel like exploring Hamilton for a weekend. The weekend pass makes it easy to do an overnight visit without worrying about paying for parking!

Weekend service is available on Lakeshore East, Lakeshore West (including GO Bus service all the way to Niagara Falls), and GO Bus service to Barrie, so there are plenty of destinations to choose from and the options are really limited only to your imagination!

A day of waterfront park hopping, taking a hiking adventure, exploring a town you’ve never visited before, or simply coordinating some safe and socially distanced visits with some friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Our list of hidden gems in Ontario will give you some ideas!

How Does The Pass Work?

  • Using the passes tab, select your station of origin and your intended destination (the furthest point that you plan to travel to).
  • Next, select the $10 One Day Pass.
  • Choose the number of passes that you need for your party. Remember kids 12 and under ride free!
  • When you’ve completed your purchase, the online pass will be emailed to you.
  • Remember to activate your pass on your smartphone five minutes prior to boarding a GO bus or train.
  • Enjoy unlimited travel between your chosen points, all day or weekend long!
  • These passes are only available online - not at stations or by using PRESTO. So take a look at our system map and plan your trips now!
  • Not available for use on UP Express.

Flexible and Affordable

We want to make your leisure time as stress-free and comfortable as possible. It’s been a long year for everyone and we want to help you enjoy a bit more freedom while still being safe.You don’t need to stress about driving directions or paying for parking.

  • As of Sept. 6 2022, the validation period for GO Transit e-tickets and passes changed to seven days. E-tickets and passes purchased on or before Sept. 5, 2022, will continue to be valid for up to one year from the date of purchase, as long as they’re not activated.
  • You know the cost of your trip upfront. One flat rate means that you don’t need to calculate different fares for different parts of your trip.
  • Travel throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe is easier and more affordable. Have you previously found taking day trips to be too cost-prohibitive? We want EVERYONE to experience the ease and accessibility of GO travel and all that our region has to offer.
  • You can take a weekend getaway without the burden of inflated overnight parking rates.

Weekend Win!

When you don’t need to worry about driving, you can easily travel together with family and friends, and you gain added time for chatting with them during the trip.

  If you’re travelling solo, try out our GO Wi-Fi Plus and enjoy access to free e-books, audiobooks, music, and podcasts.   Either way, you’re sure to enjoy the journey as much as the destination - and that’s how you win at weekends!

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