Allandale Waterfront GO Station Improvements

We're Improving Your Station!

We're enhancing safety features at your station as part of GO Expansion.  

What's Changing

On November 11, we’re adding tactile yellow tiles at the edge of the train platform to remind you how far back to stand. To help keep you safe, we’re closing one side of the platform at a time for two to three weeks. The south side will close first.   

Starting November 11, when travelling from Allandale Waterfront GO:

  • Use the north side of the platform to get on your train. The ramp will still be available to those who need to use the accessible car.
  • Use our online map and signage at the station to help you get on the GO.
  • Remember to spread out along the platform and use all available coaches to make boarding faster and help us keep on schedule. If you don’t need the accessible ramp, please leave it for those who do.

When travelling from Union Station to Allandale Waterfront GO:

  • Please board the coaches on the west end of the train, closest to York Street. Only those coaches will open at Allandale Waterfront GO.
  • Check the boarding guide online before your trip.
  • Listen to the announcements on your train. If you are unsure, please ask your customer service ambassador for assistance.

Boarding Guide

Allandale Waterfront Boarding Guide

Construction Map

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Map of construction area at Allandale Waterfront GO

Map of construction area at Allandale Waterfront GO

What's Next

When the south side of the platform work is complete in two to three weeks, work will begin on the north side of the platform. We anticipate all amenities being ready for you and construction wrapping up by the end of December (weather permitting). 

How You Will Benefit

These upgrades are some of the early works we are carrying out as part of GO Expansion, to enhance and maintain the safety and accessibility of our existing stations. GO Expansion will increase the frequency and number of GO trains across the rail network, reduce congestion and connect a growing region with fast, reliable transit options to get you where you need to go. At your station this means you’ll benefit from new  tactile yellow tiles on the train platform. The best commute is always a safe one.

How to Stay in the Know

We’ll keep you informed throughout this project. If you haven’t already, sign up for our On the GO email or text alerts to stay informed. Signing up is easy and you can customize your alerts to your station and schedule. You can also follow the Barrie line on Twitter @GOtransitBR.

Click here to learn more about GO’s expansion on the Barrie line.

Updated: October 30, 2019