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Birthday party kit

Celebrate With Free GO Birthday Kits!

Published: Jan 25, 2023

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Do you have a little one who loves trains? Do you have a GO Bear fan? Is that little one’s birthday coming up? Well then, you’re in luck!

GO-themed Kids Party Printables Are Here!

We’ve seen the photos of your amazing GO train cakes and cupcakes. We want to help you make your child’s birthday GO bigger!

We’ve created two different kits of printables that will allow you to easily turn your living room or backyard into a GO train-themed dream!

What’s Included?

Each kit includes the following printables, with cut out lines and instructions: Birthday party hat, bunting flags. name tags, party invite, party poster, and food flags.

How Do I Print The Packages?

Just click on the links below to download the individual pieces that you want!

We recommend printing on 8.5x11” cardstock for the best results.

Are They Really Free?

Absolutely! Just print and enjoy!

GO Bear Party Package

If your little one is really all about the vehicles, then this is the birthday kit for you! The printables feature both GO trains and GO buses. Your transportation-lover will GO wild!

Keep Safe While Celebrating!

We want your child’s birthday celebration to be amazing - and that means being safe, too!

  • Always follow public health advice for gatherings
  • Be clear with guests about guidelines for the party
  • Remember that backyard parties are always fun!

Take the GO to the Party

Guests who live in other areas of the Greater Golden Horseshoe can take the GO train or bus to travel to the party. It’s a great way to get into the spirit of the party theme and you can feel confident that we are committed to keeping your guests safe and comfortable while they travel.

Don’t forget to tell your guests that kids 12 and under always ride free! Do any of your guests have a fur baby? Leashed dogs are welcome on GO trains or buses any time outside of rush hour!

Include Virtual Guests

A virtual party is a great way to celebrate with friends or relatives who can’t attend in person right now. Virtual guests can still get in on the GO transit fun!

Have them print out some of the bunting flags and party hats. They can wear the hats and hang the bunting on the wall behind them so that your child can see that Grandma is still part of the party!

Party Activity Ideas

To add a little extra GO transportation fun to the event, include one or all of these themed activities:

All Bears Aboard!

  • Have guests bring their own stuffed teddy bears to the party
  • Provide small cardboard boxes for guests to decorate a train car (we recommend having some green markers or crayons on hand!)
  • Connect all the train cars together by punching a small holes in the boxes and tying them together with string (adult assistance required)
  • Have the birthday kid call out “All bears aboard!” while guests place their stuffed teddies in the train cars
  • All the children can have a turn to pull the train around the room or yard
  • You can even set up little GO stations for the train to stop at!

Musical GO Stations

  • Instead of musical chairs, play musical GO stations! (the basic rules are the same)
  • Each chair is a “GO station” - put out one chair less than the number of players
  • Play some train themed music
  • Rather than dancing, players move like trains around the chairs
  • When the music stops, every train must find a station!
  • The train that’s left circling the track is out
  • Take away one chair and then keep playing until there are only 2 trains and 1 station left
  • The train that pulls into the final station is the winner!

Ride a Real GO Train!

  • What’s more exciting for a train-loving kid than a real train ride? Spend the day before or after the party taking your child on the GO train!
  • You could take a ride to Union Station and then walk over to the Toronto Railway Museum
  • Or, you could make the most of our flat fare Weekend Passes and just ride the rails, hopping on and off as your child desires!
  • Since kids ride free, it’s the perfect safe and exciting experience for your little one!

So, get ready to have some fun! print your FREE birthday kits now!